Hot take: Samsung has the most improved, most accurate

February 3, 2021, 7:16 am
Hot take: Samsung has the most improved, most accurate
Hot take: Samsung has the most improved, most accurate portrait mode on any smartphone camera right now with the S21

Looks pretty good. But my iPhone SE feels better

What is it ? They used to allow you to adjust the intensity of the bokeh. Is that not a feature any more?

Bruh it`s only 32 days into the year! But of course!

How much are they paying you?

Edge detection is super-impressive. But the blur looks artificial.

Yup I think pixel just got beat...

is it true now Samsung support for apps like snapchat taking pictures like apple or?

I dont take photos. So this is useless.

Yes really these pictures are amazing

What about the regular security update? Is it important m improved?

why is the first pic so over sharpened?

Who much price that camera waiting for s21 review sir

Dont care about the S21, just here for Brandon Havard.

And twitter compression has officially ruined it. This isn`t as bad as instagram but still

Agreed. Everytime I see an iphone portrait mode pic it looks really unnatural in comparison to a dslr.

if you couldnt do it with adjustments. i bet normal people wouldnt do it . And accuracy doesnt matter if it looks fake af.

Call me crazy but all pictures look the same since iphone 6

The sony a1 portrait seem to be taken from a dslr

I was entertained by the comments hahaha

3rd one like old Arab Dad

The selfie cam still looks soft af.

But does it not use the standard 1x lens and crop digitally two times? The s21 ultra does and portrait photos look horrible.

How do you get the Twitter app to not kill the picture quality?

Meh... At this point all flagship phones have amazing cameras.

It`s accurate, but looks synthetic and fake

Still looks like its worth flipping the phone around

The photos are great but I can see a slight edit. Sorry Marques.

That background blurr is unreal tho .. i mean not so mych needed Put it outside, should cool right up with all that snow

a1 ,review it,love to see from you

The state of the smartphone industry in 2021 Black people are white on their palms

As an iPhone user, I think most Samsung phones are better than iPhones in most ways.

Yes Iam thinking about it

The background should blur and not smudge. In a nicely blurred background, you see tessellated contours of objects in background.

Sadly the 3x telephoto can`t use to take portrait photo.

but how are the photos when you take a close up photo of a small figuring? Is it blurry on the edges like the Note 20?

make a portrait mode comparative between the best models

Look at this!!!

Freezing cold take: apple fanboys will still say it has a shitty camera

Don`t know if it`s twitter, but they don`t look so good to me :/

yes I agree. The blurred area around hairs Looks almost perfect.

Where`s the popcorn guy?

Bokeh looks trash but eh its coming from a smartphone, not bad though

for porait mode does it use telephoto lens or main lens then crop it???

how is your skin so clear

Marques but does the camera start sucking when you switch to Snapchat? Thats the real question!

Which brand jacket you used?bro

i think samsung camera is having difficulty to optimise the portrait near your index finger ....

And in other news grass is green

Nearly been slipping on all that iPhone copium in here

Pls watch

Still hate artificial bokeh but this is the least offensive implementation Ive seen.

Great subject separation but looks too flat to me. I dont see any blur ahead of the subject or any distance increase in bokeh.

iPhone users be like: We feel attacked

Then you post a video on the gram and it looks like you took it with a flip phone lol

Wow ! It show the good shave and the bad shave too

Appreciated Samsung and appreciated for the best review.

ngl, year-to-year comparison shows hardly any improvement UnpopularOpinion

But in 6 months you will say the iPhone Pro Max is better. Isnt camera quality subjective... especially with high end phones s hair still pushing its limits

now for note 21 to get the same features and not be dumbed down or replaced by another stupid model

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