How do you feel about Anime/cartoon characters appearing in

September 21, 2021, 8:18 am
How do you feel about Anime/cartoon characters appearing in
How do you feel about Anime/cartoon characters appearing in Super Smash Bros?

the minute it happens, i`m making a new nintendo account and rebuying the several hundred dollars worth of games and DLC again just to not own it.

I already have a cartoon Smash Bros. Its name is Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

Only if it`s Dot Hack people.

Would love it actually, no issues here

I think it`s very funny and would make a lot of people mad so I`d kinda like to see it for those 2 reasons alone

Just no, I`m a big fan of cartoons but no

In most cases I feel they can execute it in a way, so that the characters dont appear too out of place and sometimes those crossovers are pretty cool because of it. I will say though on some characters it also shows in the gameplay and their fighting styles.

im all for it, as long as it is based on said characters appearance in a game. is it likely? no. do i want to play as avatar aang against mario? yeaaaaa.

A yes. A game celebrating GAMING history. Let`s add characters from a kid`s cartoon

They dont belong in Smash.

Yes even it would make absolutely no sense

Ruins the entire point of the franchise

Itd be cool, but it wouldnt make sense

100% against. Super Smash Bros. is a celebration of gaming, other mediums have no business in it. They can have their own platformer fighting games that are similar, in fact, they can take as much inspiration as theyd like. But they dont belong in the actual Super Smash Bros.

The moment this happens it the moment smash can`t even attempt to ba satisfying anymore. Shash already has and absurd size roster and it arguably doesn`t even fully represent Nintendo properly let alone gaming in general. Add in a completely different type of media and it-

I wouldn`t mind it, actually. As long as they have enough video game appearances to pull a moveset from.

Everybody gangsta until Patrick uses `Lick`

Smash is at its end, theyll find their homes

Not a good idea. Only video game characters that have appeared at least on a Nintendo platform, that are either from Nintendo or at least third party (not counting Sora since KH is owned entirely by Disney), appear in the game.

i think that if they have a good game then their is a chance but if they dont then i dont think they should get in. the whole thing for me is depends on the character

King bach for smash Would be funny and cool, but wouldn`t and shouldn`t happen

Barney. 4 smash I don`t think smash would be a good fit for them. Maybe like a small spinoff series to try it, but like many have said, Smash is a celebration of characters from games, not characters who have games and didn`t originate from them. Plus licensing issues.

I`m against the idea. Especially since there are still so many great video game characters that can be added to Smash. Anime and Cartoons should have their own fighting games separate from smash that should celebrate their respective media.

Terrible idea. Save that for Jump force and Nickelodeon all stars. Smash is for video game characters only.

We just need Mugen but not pixelated and actually balanced

I`d be down for it but they might feel a little out of place

I`m trying to get Neptune in `Smash` so, pretty good! I`d rather not. As-is, I feel like Smash has too much of a focus on third-parties. Opening it up to non-gaming franchises would make it completely lose its identity.

I leave that to modders

No. Only video game characters should be allowed in Smash Bros., and by video game characters, I mean characters that originated from video games, not characters like Spongebob and Goku who started off in animated shows, and then got their own games.

To tell you the truth. I makes me feel uncomfortable. I really don`t like hearing it. As a kid since brawl was new, I want Batman for smash. But my brother told me he can`t because he`s not a video game character. Sakurai doesn`t like hearing it either. This my opinion.

Non-gaming characters could really damage smash. Largely due to not being tonal fits. The biggest characters are probably Goku and Batman in terms of video game adaptations. But, they would feel kind of out of place. Plus, that opens a pretty gnarly floodgate.

You add one and then you cant stop.

The lines between TV and Video Games are slowly becoming very blurry right now; Im personally not a big fan of the idea of them crossing over. Then again, they could pull a fornite and Collab with everyone while making tons of cash in the process.

Not video game characters

the only one I want is goku and that`s only if it`s done one as a a meme, other than that, no

I don`t much care for it. I`d rather Smash Bros. keep its focus on video game characters (with a focus on Nintendo characters preferably).

Only if they go all out. Like if they just put SpongeBob, I`d be upset, but if they really try to integrate it, I`d be cool with it

I would prefer other nickelodeon characters and I know it probably won`t happen but maybe some cartoon network characters

Goku spongebob spiderman sailor moon and superman would be my hypothetical 4thparty charachter pass

It would be cool, but it would violate the purpose of smash, which is to celebrate the history of video gaming. I would rather see them make a whole different game that plays exactly like smash, but with anime characters.

Not happening. Smash is a celebration of video games and while these characters have video games they originate from cartoons and anime. They dont belong, it would be cool but its not the best idea.

i have a easy (not easy to develop though) solution : making a plataform fighter engine like mugen. in mugen you can port all kinds of 2d fighting games characters and moves from games and edit or make your own game. or make your own characters.

We have Nick All Star Brawl for that now

Nothing, cause its not gonna happen

no, its super smash flash 2

Is this a trick question?

You can already do that My life would be complete

if goku pulls up imma backflip

In Brazil, these two are voiced by the same person

Against it, it breaks the rules. They should make their own.

Maybe put usopp in smash or chopper. Luffy or zoro or sanji would be cool but they`re so strong that it wouldn`t happen. But usopp and chopper is a maybe

I`d happily welcome SpongeBob. Goku I`m indifferent on.

We need goku / vegeta

If they made goku the exception to the only video games rule and kept it at that Id be happy

It`s kind of stupid and in the case of Goku we already have hero that was created by Akira and is similar to Trunks and Gohan in their respective variants also a Smash with anime characters exist and its called Battle Stadium DON and in clasic cartoons the Nickelodeon stars game.

I`m fine with Smash staying a gaming crossover but I wouldn`t be against seeing at least 1 4th party chacter as long as said chacter has a big connection to gaming

I`d rather another game like all star brawl for that, smash for gaming, and games for show and movie characters

I like Goku- but Id prefer if they just made jumpforce but good

Well I know Sakurai`s rule had pretty much been that the characters have to originate from a video game, and Dragon Ball has had plenty of its own fighting games at least. I still like to hang onto the idea that Digimon can technically count since it started as a virtual pet.

Anime characters just ruin the whole vibe and changes it from being a game crossover to a.. Well, crossover. That sorta takes away the uniqueness of the game.

I`m not against it happening, but I`m 99% certain it`s not gonna happen

People are probably saying YES PLEASE But I think VGs are more investible

depending on the character, it would be cool, but we all know it ain`t gonna happen

Till it happens in sticking by sakurais word

Id stop caring about smash

No, if we have enough toxicity in the community imagine if we bring anime characters to the wish list...

Jojo and Mordecai & Rigby in Smash LETS GOOOO!

we need someone to represent licensed games

at this point, if their moveset doesnt suck id be ok with it after all we did get sans and steve in

Not exactly, but put Agumon in the new Nickelodeon Game

I love SpongeBob Squarepants! it`s my favorite Anime

If they added it as like the new thing next game, then sure But I dont want to just have 1 or 2 4th party characters thrown in there

Anime would be a better fit in smash than American cartoons imo

It would be great to see Goku in Smash Bros because DBZ Kakarot came to the Switch and he would of fit as a Fighter because Goku Saves his friends by fighting bad guys

eh. Itd be neat, but I wonder why they would go out of their way to add such a strange choice.

Please for the love of god no keep them the hell away

Theyre literally making a fighting game for cartoons

This is a big Ehhh for me One 1 hand I can fight people with goku but on the other I don`t wanna hear "SUPER MAN FOR SMASH YOU CAN`T SAY NO BECAUSE BLANK IS IN" The community doesn`t believe in exceptions when it comes to character like this is what I`m trying to say

He would he a really really cool anime character, very unique Goku`s cool too

If this happends, that would be really bad.

I find it stupid becuse they arent actully video game characters

It would definitely open up to more possibilities than there already is. Even tho I would love to see Goku ask anyone on the roster their power levels

I kinda think it should stick to videogames. Especially with that Smash Bros clone, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl coming out.

spongebob deserves to be in smash

I like how we can have Kirby vs Banjo vs Terry vs Cloud in the Mushroom Kingdom

Although I love these characters I`d rather they have their own good license games over the stuff we usually get. Granted License games have been getting somewhat better over time, but I still feel like slapping Naruto in a good Naruto game instead of a meh one goes a longer way.

Base Goku for smash im on the fence really.

It depends what character it is. Like it has to be a really really good one for this.

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