How many of you are rocking 2 phones? Do

October 10, 2022, 12:00 am
How many of you are rocking 2 phones? Do
How many of you are rocking 2 phones? Do you have 2 numbers (work vs personal) or just switch out the sim? How often do you switch? Which 2 phones are you using and how well do they work together? Yes, I`m very curious to know lol.

I have 2 phones with different numbers iPhone SE (work) and Samsung Galaxy 22 Ultra (personal), but ask me if I use my work phone. My 3-year-old daughter does, and she knows how to use it damn good btw.

Redmi K20 Pro and Pixel 4 + Galaxy Watch 4

Two phones, two phone numbers. 1st is the S22U which is my personal device and the second one is the Xiaomi 11T which is company provided with it`s own phone number :)

That is why I just nay hold onto my s22 ultra unless trade in values are ridiculous.

It will look nearly identical. Smaller bezels, snapdragon 8 gen 2 chip and possibly a 200 mp camera that is what it will be.

Lol. I want to chnage the z fold3 to the 4 but will change it into the zfold5. I plan to keep the s22 ultra but I like so far what I am hearing in regards to the s23 ultra despite it looking identical

Two phones, two numbers. One business, one personal

S10e - Pixel Experience S21 - One Ui 4.1 They work very well with eachother.

Fold 4 is 2 phones fight me /s

Tbhh... I like pixel 7 pro ... But wish they provide better service in india... There is only one service centre in india... And tensor G2 is way behind...

13 Pro Max (waiting for my 14PM to ship) and S22 Ultra. iPhone is for work and Sammy is for personal. Best of both worlds

Personal sim in iPhone 14 pro and Z flip 4 for work and for me carrying 2 phones is new and when I am at my home it is annoying sometimes but now Im getting the habit of this.

Every month or so for shits and giggles s10/s3

2 phones + 2 sims. iPhone SE for imessaging family & android (S22 Ultra/flip 4). Sim for iPhone stays put. Sim in android gets swapped depending on which form factor I want. I have Mint so $15/month for each line is still cheaper than most people w/1 line

Iphone 11pm. My person sim is esim and work sim is physical one that I could hand in if needed

Always an iPhone and an Android the last 10 years. Now 14 pro max, OnePlus 10 Pro. I feel complete.

Am using iphone6, iphone xr and samsung a22 5g with 4 sims And iphone 12 mini sometimes.. Iphone and Samsung are the best mobiles..

I have 2 phones ,Pixel 3a and IPhone 8. iPhone has my work sim and Pixel has personal sim.Working well I use WhatsApp for sharing in between.

I have 2 daily drivers (Z Fold 4 and S22 Ultra) with Multi Sim, a Pixel 5 for Night Photography with my telescope and a Note10Plus for Gamepass with the Razor Kishi But I think about selling Pixel 5 and buy a Pixel 7 Pro

iPhone will be my work places. Personal phone will be Pixel 7 pro

I`m actually using Galaxy s20 with 2 sim cards and each number i have a different background to it so i can know when people call me if it`s the work number or the personal one based on the background it works great for me

I have iPhone and Samsung, iPhone is personal and Samsung is for work. I like to have both but they do not really work together very well. What makes iPhone great is other Apple products, Android is better as a standalone product. Apple seems to last longer. /Opinion

I use to rock Samsung and iPhone but now I rock iPhone and Pixel.

Galaxy S22+ and iPhone 14 Pro Max I have 2 sims

One phone so far. iPhone 13 pro max but plan to get another side phone just for filming

P6P/Z flip 4 n iPhone X two numbers

Google 6pro for personal use and iPhone for work. Got tired of work stuff on my personal phone so got an iPhone. Comes in handy for airdrop (when it wants to work properly)

Two phones two numbers iPhone 14 pro and s22 ultra

I used two phones but my sims are in my iPhone. My Samsung is for gaming and etc. Everything from social media, email, communication etc is on my iPhone. Its just ready to go whenever I am.

I rock 2 a 14 Pro Max for personal and a Pixel for work (6 Pro until my 7 Pro comes in) I use my google account for everything and I use chrome for my browser and google photos too so everything works pretty well

Well, everyone knows it`s for preventing you to switch easily... I switch to Pixel 6 from iPhone 13 and I`m super happy. I ordered a Pixel 7 Pro. And very tempted to have a Fold 4 as a second phone!

I use two phones. iPhone 14 Pro Max for personal use and Galaxy Fold 4 for work. It`ll take some time to get used to two phones but over time it`ll become an habit of managing two phones.

I sold my 13 pro max to get the new pixel 7 pro and i have no regrets about it

iPhone SE (main), iPhone 8 (side piece)sad

Yea I have two phones from both worlds 1. iPhone13 Pro Max 2. Samsung S20 FE I want to experience both android and ios and also S20 is for business use and iPhone for personal use.. im using esim on iphone that is my personal sim and two sims rock on s20 thats for work.

Primary is Iphone 13 pro and secondary is samsung s20 plus.

I am using only one phone with 2 SIM cards (work and personal). Duel sim phone. I really want to rock 2 phones but my budget don`t allow me to, atleast not right now. But may be in next 1-2 years. I am a die hard android user but really want an iPhone as a secondary(work) phone.

Using an iPhone 13 and an S9+ early this year but it`s a hassle.

I have pixel 6 pro for personal use and iphone 12 for quick notifications for sports as ios always have best in sports app , give notifications at time always

iPhone and Android - Ph and UAE

2 Primary Phones, One iPhone and One Android. Best combo for me.

I`m using a Mi 10T as a main phone with 2 SIMs, and a Mi 8 pro for emulators like psp and others

Im currently using the IPhone 13 Pro Max as my main device. I also have the Samsung A32 which I mainly use at home to watch YouTube videos and stuff. I have two sims with the same number so basically they both have the same number. It works for me!

I use 2 physical sims. If I could have infinite sim slots, I would use 3-4.

SGS22U (regular phone/data plan & Fruity device 12 mini (only data). Got running 2 same phone numbers on each. Digits from tmobile is good plus Google voice number.

Currently using s22 Ultra, Zflip 3, 13 pro max and xiomi note 10. Planning to switch out the s22U for pixel 7 pro and next yr switch the zflip3 with the s23 ultra maybe even switch the 13pm for a 14 pm next yr.

Using Xiaomi 12 pro as a daily driver and using POCO F3 GT as a backup and for Gaming because it has physical triggers.

I have two sim and I use both my 14pro and pixel 5 (soon a 7pro)

Ain`t no need for two phones. I have 2 sim card slots and and an eSim.

But it`s logical to be the future, forcing things is Apple way

I use S22U and iPhone 12 pro as a second phone, both have 2 SIM cards. Both smartphones are good but I want to switch to pixel 7 pro as a second smartphone.On the S22U i have no complaints at all its a great smartphone with a great screen and one of the best cameras on the market

I have a single phone which I use for both personal and professional works, I have nothing Phone 1 and whenever I want to use any of the SIM, I simply toggle them in settings. Most of the time I use both.

Two phones , one fold 4 and one 13 pro max. I love using both because in a way , they complete each other. Some things the iphone can`t do the fold can and vice versa.

13 promax main phone and s22U as secondary phone

S22 u, z fold 4 and pixel 6 pro. I switch based on my day at university. If I have courses that require note taking I use the fold. Also I use the fold for gaming and multitasking. The s22 ultra is the perfect package phone, and the pixel has such an enjoyable experience to use.

Im using 2 phones Personal sim is in Z Fold4 and work phone i use is iphone 12

One SIM. I like to use all those phones from time to time, so I regularly swipe between them. 2 phones.. 2 different sims

I carry 2 phones. Both are personal numbers. My main number is in the S22 Ultra and the other SIM is in my Google Pixel 6.

Lol. I`ll be, somehow, rocking the Lemongrass Pixel 7, Fold 4, & S22U.

Oh yeah. Its still worth the money

S22 U and Fold 2. Booth have the same number. Cant retire the fold2. Love it to much

Also nice to have beta on one phone and Android 12 on the other in case beta crashes

Nope got 1 Sim for S22 Ultra and got my S20+ as backup.....with my S20+ I just use wifi or use my S22 Ultra hotspot

3 Sim - 2 Phones, Two eSim in each with one physical sim, but Im using one at time with second in my family. Just put the sim when I want to. S22U & 14PM now (Physical Sim is of business) other two r of personal

I agree. I wish I could take advantage of their sweet deals!

Yeah if I could do that I would too sadly km too broke

Exactly what I`m saying, haha

3 phones 3 numbers

I have 2. I use to have 1 android aka main device and 1 apple. Now I have an iPad pro so I have the fold 4 (main device) and flip 4 I use the flip now as my 2nd camera for content creating besides my fold 4

I have 4 phones and have a work and personal number (iPhone personal and google/Samsung work) I love all these phones haha they all work well with what I throw at the@

Haha. Ive used even 3 phones at some point, definitely would not recommend though. Currently rocking an iPhone 14 pro and galaxy z flip 3. I Just have a sim card on each phone. Personal and personal 2.

Sony and iphone 14pm, thinking about using one now cause I can use the other number as esim but Sony still offers a bit better camera options

I have almost all the lifetime paid softwares ios/Android installed on all of my devices so not a difficult task for me.

I`ve got 9 phones I use almost, almost daily! Each have different Numbers I`ve also got a dual Sim set up in my S21 ultra so that one has 2 Different numbers.

Samsung galaxy s21, oneplus 7t and pixel 3. S21 as daily driver, oneplus 7t just for entertainment(games, movies, music etc) and pixel 3 for camera I will next year when I buy the Hazel Pixel 7 Pro while it`s on sale. Until then I`m still completely satisfied with my Pixel 6 Pro, and I still won`t be selling it even after I buy the Pixel 8 Pro.
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