How many phones have you owned, ever since you

July 11, 2022, 6:38 am
How many phones have you owned, ever since you
How many phones have you owned, ever since you got your first one?

Six. And I`ve never had a broken display on any of them. It started with iPhone 2G, continued through various android phones like Honor, Samsung, Xiaomi, and ended up with iPhone 11 Pro.

Well this is my first phone but I used to own a iPod touch

Two, I had an iPhone 6s for 4 years and just recently upgraded to an iPhone 13 Mini

1. Rugby Smart 2.iPhone 3 3.Galaxy Grand Prime 4.Galaxy J7 5.LG Q7+ 6.iPhone 6+ 7.iPhone 7+ 8.iPhone 8+ 9.iPhone 13

Okay Shitty old lenovo phone running android 2 Oppo R9 Plus (4 years) Pixel 4 (broke it) back to the same Oppo phone Pixel 3 (as of 5 days ago)

At least 6, not counting landline phones.

2, i had a iphone 4 before.

iPhone 3G iPhone SE 1st gen iPhone 11 iPhone 12 (current one)

Ohhh boy.. Galaxy J7, 2015 LG G5 LG G6 iPhone 7 (I think) Galaxy S9 plus Pixel 3XL iPhone XR iPhone SE (2020) iPhone 12 Galaxy S21 Ultra (I fucking miss it-) Pixel 6 pro

3. 1, iphone 6s, 2, Samsung Galaxy A12, and 3 my newest one, the google pixel 4

Black berry Alcatel one touch some random zte phone Samsung j3 Iphone 5 IPhone 6 s plus IPhone 11 Pro Max For a while had to do calls on a MacBook 2020 IPhone 11 Pro Max (current) Soon iphone 14

iPhone 5 iPhone 5s iPhone SE (2020)

only one, that includes my first phone

Just two an iPhone 5s and a iPhone 7

hm. oh goodness. 10 I believe Sagem MC820, Nokia 5110 Nokia 3510 Nokia 7650 Some Windows PDA Phone HTC Desire HTC Thunderbolt Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Samsung Galaxy Note 20

I owned an iPhone SE then an iPhone 6 and now an iPhone 11. So 3 total. Im 20 and got my first phone at 16 I believe.

2 mobile phones, and both are in essence are used almost only for responding to calls and texting people I already know. I might never in my life know what it`s like to use a landline or even a payphone.

6, unless I forgot some A Samsung Galaxy S III, LG G3, LG G5, LG G8 ThinQ, LG K51, and currently a Motorola moto g stylus 5G

Currently on my second one, my first one has the screen completely fucked up

3 a flip phone when I was super young, a iPhone 7 then a iPhone 11 now

3. 1 was realll old. Like s5 2nd was s8 the battery died after like 5 yearz and the s20 i am on now

I`ve f*ing lost count... ... At least 7 that I can recall since 2000 ...

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