How much will I, an extremely lazy person who

August 11, 2021, 5:33 am
How much will I, an extremely lazy person who
How much will I, an extremely lazy person who has never worn a watch, regret buying a smart watch

I would buy one again without hesitation just for the ability to ping your phone when you lose it, I often use this function several times a day.

Argh, Ive been 50/50 on wanting one and yeah, but nah for a few years, and this has tipped me over too.

I have found it a nice to have but not necessary?

And me!!

I love mine. I can set timers on it. It rumbles at me when I have an alarm go off. Wakes me up in the morning. Oh and monitors my heart rate so I know when it`s getting geared up to explode.

I`m late to this, but I can credit getting one in March to losing a fair bit of weight and improving my cardio. It`s hard to lie to a machine about how little you do. Main thing is that it`s forced me to make going for a decent 3km or longer walk each day a habit.

I hated them until my wife upgraded and I got her old one. Now I am hooked!

My 1yo niece texts me by drawing on her mums smartwatch.

Sell it and treat yourself

I sold mine. Too many buzzes and reminders.

Me: People should not be able to contact me all day every day. Also Me: With my [insert fitness tracker/smart watch etc.] I KNOW when someone is trying to contact me ALL DAY EVERY DAY and it allows me to put my phone on silent.

Love my smart watch it tells me to stand up if Ive been sitting too long, I like that I can set whatever features on the face, so I like to know temps & the timer for eggs & cooking or I forget about it

I wore it for a year. Made me miserable. Counting steps ripped all the joy out of going for walks, and tracking my sleep made my insomnia worse.

Shes quite adorable (except for all the times she made me eat all my peas before I could have icecream)

I use mine almost exclusively as a podcast remote control: having play/pause, volume, skip ahead/back right on your wrist is super convenient

I like it more than I expected, a handy (haha) extension of my iphone. As an irrelevant aside, we bought one for Mum because it was the only falls emergency device that will work where she lives - and it has already worked with a fall! Well its not a watch. Its a fitness device. Youll notice your health and fitness improving and will love it

Ahhh bugger I wasnt even thinking of getting one but after reading this thread I want one

I have one. I wear it sometimes at work. Only because Ive turned all notifications and sound off my phone and my watch vibrates when my phone rings.

I bought one and I liked it but then I realised that the thing I liked most was the convenience of having the time on my wrist. Eventually all the other things stressed me out and I bought a swatch.

I`ve done this twice. Both times ended up going back to my fitbit watch as it does all i want and lasts much much longer between recharges. Hard to get proper use from smartwatch when constantly have to take it off to charge. Plus remember to put it back on.

Idk but I have been hesitating for ages - and I wear a regular old watch daily, as well as being glued to my phone

I`m obsessed with sleep so that`s the primary use my Fitbit gets

I don`t like wearing watches. I wear one once in a blue I never invested in buying a smart watch. I think it will be a waste of money for the number of times I will end up wearing one. So yeah..I guess you may feel you could have bought something better with that money

You could fit the smart watch into a pendant fitting & wear it like a necklace

Its handy for controlling music & volume and alarms. And previewing calls before I dont answer.

I really deliberated on this too, for similar reasons. I need to take little breaks from its tyranny, but basically I love it.

Love my Samsung watch which I recently bought to replace my 6yo Huawei watch that I loved also. Not pulling phone out of pocket when it dings or rings. Also Watchmaker to make my own watchfaces. Hours of entertainment. My wife feels like Dick Tracey answering her phone with hers.

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