Hulst said it himself

October 5, 2022, 2:51 pm
Hulst said it himself
Hulst said it himself. Games coming to PC brings more revenue to playstation. More revenue means more projects can be greenlit. More projects greenlit means more games for us. How is this not seen? How does it affect console players negatively?

Yeah it does, but not to casuals. Many of them will be switching over for cod gamepass day one eventually or if their friends start switching, they might get them to as well. Playstation games day one on pc is just one more way to get people to not get a ps5/6 later on.

@Darkborn162 Like switching over from iPhone to android and vice versa. Youre already engrained in the ecosystem that difficult to switch over. It happened with 360 to ps4 because at the time, library wasnt synced like they are now

Console gaming is cheaper on Xbox. If your willing to wait for pc ports or if their day one, you literally have 0 reason to have a playstation. You can just get an Xbox for gamepass and pc for playstation games if you have one. Thats what I could do if I wanted.

True, but you migrate to your friends. If a casual doesnt have brand loyalty and all their friends have xbox`s due to it being cheaper and all, you`d get what they have. The exclsuives for playstation and xbox keep people getting those consoles for a game or 2. Like spiderman.

More games available to more gamers is a win for gamers.

True and I agree. those casuals will migrate to where their friends are as well. If the field starts shifting to PC or Xbox due to the cheaper machine or all exclusives on pc, people will follow the herd. It will still mean less money. They need subs for ps+ and third party sales

@Darkborn162 The exclusives are also not day one unless its the multiplayer games and we dont even know if theyll be ftp

And that still equates for less money. I do agree pc ports a year+ later maked more sense. I have a pc and I could buy their games day one on pc and not ps5. That`s 30% less revenue from myself forever if it was day one. I won`t wait for pc so it`s logically more money for them.

They fail to understand that hardware doesn`t make money, it`s just there to get people into the ecosystem. Games and services are what drive revenue. That`s why attach rate is often mentioned in the past. Consoles will always be here because they`re convenient for many people.

It would if they were all day one. Tons of people like toxic here have said they will go to PC and sell their ps5`s. If all people buy are the exclusves on pc with a 30% cut for steam and no third party games on ps5, they make less revenue. Also no ps+ subs so less revenue.

What do you think of this poll? I`m starting to think that a lot of these hardcore types don`t understand how revenue works.

This is their life, they built their social media around this dream that ps was console only and games hitting pc would hurt ps, it only hurt`s them and it`s actually great for ps studio`s, they`ve bashed xbox for doing so and now have to eat Crow and support ps games on pc

That guys been losing his mind about games going to PC for years now. Who cares which box puts the game in front of you. I`m happy I won`t have to buy a bunch a consoles anymore. Just have a PC and Nintendo`s console because I know they`re not making the jump anytime soon.

Exactly why I said man. They just like to whine, I tell you.

The dude himself said it in plain English. What more do you need? Lmao

I guess they just don`t want playstation to make more money i guess

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