I bought a Samsung S21 Ultra *for* the concert

December 8, 2021, 3:56 am
I bought a Samsung S21 Ultra *for* the concert
I bought a Samsung S21 Ultra *for* the concert. No regrets.

I HAVE THE SAME PHONE TOO AND BOUGHT FOR THE SAME REASON!!! Glad u can use it in the concert already Ps. this seokjin modeling the phone has a grip on me god bless your soul cc How you guys do to buy phones like buying facial masks I haven`t changed mine since 3 years ago need to prepare myself mentally for that debt first AND I HAVEN`T YET

this is the real deal!!! the quality is top tier and that sh*t can zoom like 100x thanks for the promotion. I might need to upgrade

OMG! Best promo right here! I need this!!

Thank you for this pic I live for it

Curious: can ip***e13 do this too?

What section were you in?

A purple iPhone.

Thank you for this! Now I can anticipate what my concert photos look like Ever since the ad for the s21 ultra released, when everyone was looking at the boys I was looking at the sexy phone

I bought the Z Flip, the galaxy buds and I`m thinking about buying the galaxy watch

Very valid investment. Also amazing photo

I also got a new phone for the concert

Me too!!!!! And look this As in iphone user im being bias wrecked by samsung wtf the qualityyy

Ok but side note hows the battery life of the s21? I heard theres no expandable memory so I didnt upgrade from S20 ultra to s21.. :(

I did buy S21 Ultra too for the concert! That was a selfless purchases. We have all benefited. Collect these kisses Samsung S21+ with no regrets... only wished I`d have lower seats. The 200`s made it hard to get bettee videos/photos wet t-shirt contest

Best Quality Ever those abs ahhhh

I bought my current Samsung for mots7 and finally got to use it for PTD

Good choice. I just had my iPhone and have poor quality pictures.

I have A51 but now I know what kinda specs to upgrade to when they announce a concert.. Thanks!

Regrets? ? You blessed us

I`ve bought the earbuds, which I love and use every day, and while my phone choice of the S20 FE wasn`t directly influenced by them (got a smoking deal thru my provider), the fact that Hobi then got the same green one as me DID make me super happy.

Me rn What Samsung TV should I buy to be able to watch venewlive streaming. I have Galaxy S21. Thanks Army

Thats taken with a Samsung?! Geez.that is almost enough to make me jump ship on Apple.

That phone is so expensive Totally worth it though...sweaty Namjoon

I just realized i have that phone didn`t know it has such good quality, maybe I should really go to their concert to find out

None!!! F word!!

I wanted iPhone 13 pro but it wasnt going to make it in time . I have regrets lol

I can see the outline of his abs

Can see his abs

Thank you for your service

just a kind reminder


No regrets at all samsung is

Owww maaaan I want that phone so bad now I regret not buying it on time for the concert!

That was a worthwhile purchase



Lol same. I didn`t get the ultra cause they didn`t have it so I got the 21+ and I don`t regret it either Good choice you and your phone single handedly ended all joon stans lol

Alright so this how u get people to buy Samsung S21 Ultra for the next concerts.

I need a new phone and this just may persuade me to get that one

I feel like I should be paying you for this lol

LMAO SAMEEEE but I just got the regular s21

The quality is no need to use long lenses or to use people shoulders to get this amazing and clear picture of namjoon, with that we thank you

Oh god... NAMJOONAHHHHHH *faints*

Actually been regretting all week not buying a new phone just to take better pictures

Thank YOU for your wallets sacrifice

Damn right! We thank you for it

now this is how you promote samsung

And it was worth every penny!!!!!!

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