I can`t believe that some people still think 60hz

June 6, 2022, 8:26 am
I can`t believe that some people still think 60hz
I can`t believe that some people still think 60hz on iOS is as smooth as 120hz on Android iOS is smooth, but stop justifying Apple keeping 60hz on the iPhone 14 because "60hz is as smooth as 120hz on Android"

So honestly for most 60, 90, 120 doesn`t matter. They don`t care. So for Apple to have a 60hz screen and deliver the experience the general consumer needs is just fine. Same if it were on the android side. That isn`t why most are buying the phone.

I am using 120 Hz on mid-range Android...and yes i say that it`s better than 60 Hz on 12 Pro Max.. Come on iSheeps !!!

120hz was common in Android device for a couple of years but iPhone just equipped that on the iPhone 13p series last year.Without doubt that Android 120hz is actually smoother than IOS 60hz,Apple has no excuses not to upgrade to 120hz.

Yes it isnt . 60Hz iPhone vs 60Hz looks smoother, but 60Hz iOS is even lagging asf for my eyes , cant go back

You are wrong, 120hz is more smooth on Android than on iPhone

This is what android still looks like to the iPhone people. Unless you only use a 160, you can`t tell the difference.

I tried the iPhone 14`s screen and iPhone 14 Pro`s screen with ProMotion on side by side. The difference from 60Hz screen was clear. Plus, the 14 pro has the same smoothness as android devices with 120Hz screen. Maybe they`re keeping the 60Hz panel to cut the cost down?

Its just a phone. I used 13 Pro and came back to 13 Mini. Its just fine. Nobody is gonna die. I dont know why people are so much behind all these things. Do something better. Seriously.

Dude ur talking about animation....first learn what ur talking about

60hz on android feels faster than 60hz on ios

ios has amazing animation

I use Both ngl even tho sum android phones got 120Hz screen I still be laggy. App lag sum times. IOS always been smooth. Like that

It`s not smooth, people who haven`t used 120hz on a samsung flagship justify apple, anyone who has used both notices it.

The animations might be just as smooth but not scrolling. Scrolling on 120 vs 60 is a huge difference regardless of wether its iOS/Android.

"Scrolling" smoothness matters Not "Animation" This what no one can understand 60hz on IOS only give on screen fps of max 60fps While 120hz Can Give upto 120fps

I changed to iPhone 13 from s22 due to battery issues, the display on s22 is way way better than iphone 13. People should stop justifying for apple lol

Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn`t. I use an iPad Pro with 120 Hz. When I grab an iPhone afterwards, it feels super slow motion to me while my Samsung feels smooth ;-;

These people keeping justifying 60hz screen and thats why apple gives them the 60 hz. They deserve it.

iSheeps will only believe that.

Slow adaptation year for apple i guess. Seems like they just keep increasing their margin

i had to... WWDC22 Comparing 60hz from my phone to an iPhone (mother for example) I don`t see any difference whatsoever. Except maybe the excess amount of apps I see on the home screen. Lots of people just say this nonsense and stand with it and allow others to agree on their take, It`s childish.

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