I don`t know

June 16, 2022, 6:16 pm
I don`t know
I don`t know... I`m not hating, trying to degrade someone, nor invalidate/disrespect people`s opinions, but I have to disagree with multiple points MKBHD said in this video. Mainly on things like display, photography, and more.

1.) Display. Android won that out of the gate, just because of Samsung. There should be no questions, but it`s a tie, somehow? 2.) Just for photography, Android wins 10 times out of 10, not videos, just photos. 3.) Eco friendliness... seriously??? (1)

Yes, but it was rather more an opinion video.

Let me be honest, He is overrated.

Apple needed a little push marketing wise from these two well established YTers these days, at least until 14 Pro Max arrives. We all know the slight preference especially of MKBHD towards Apple but tbh I didn`t expect this kind of selective thinking and argumentation. Fail video

Yess, because he never used other, i was feeling really irritated at that time

Its clear that mkbhd and mrwhostheboss jst give a oversupport to i phone in many of their videos..its clear that in this video in many places like photography etc..and the go to par when an android to win..this not absolute or unbiased video..

Same but i kinda get where he is coming from

They are the two best phones of Android world though, P6 Pro and S22U. Its not like theyd compare one feature to Samsung, one to Sony, one to Poco, one to Infinix, and whatnot. They compared to the face of Android. But I agree MKs opinions were slightly US-oriented.

I have to agree, battery and performance and video footage apple flat out wins, display, features, photography and etc android just isnt matched, it is close but not equal. Eco friendly wise, its a tie since apples repairability is awful but android isnt much better.

Features is draw LOL, like 80% of who have iphones outside the US don`t use imessage or facetime And don`t me started about the better feature implementation, is it better? Yes, but it took years to be implemented doesn`t that have to be taken into account?

I don`t like how they compared it, but, if comparing all of Android vs all of iPhone. I mean yeah, iPhone out beats all of Android because on average there are a bunch of crappy Androids in comparison.

Likewise, agree to disagree. Display, photography and more is why I stick to my iPheene 13 promax ultra. Your mileage may vary. But dont be a cry baby, you dont have to attack on everyone posts or videos in which Samsung sux, because it sux.

He is a reason don`t trust any youtuber.

There is so much variety in Android that there can be phones to counter each specific point in the video. I understand that at the end of the day it comes down to preference, but dang it`s just a war of Samsung vs Apple in the USA and that`s MUCH more different than anywhere else

Yeah. You are right. He should experience all the phones from $250 poco to $1000 vivo X80 pro to 1199 find x5 pro and understand that android has versatility and options. I also blame his PoV on Android on the OEMs for not bringing cutting edge tech to the USA.

Am not demeaning or belittling the iPhone.... But it is a known fact that He is always biased towards Apple

Yes, ur correct. In many segments Android is far better than iOS.this video is looks like a intentionally targetted Android. Lot of Android features still not available in iOS. after watching this am unsubscribed channel. Shame on you Mkbhd

You have to have some big cojones or lvl of ignorance to claim Apple beats the likes of x80 Pro, Mi11 Ultra or Pixel 6 Pro in photography

Display and photos are better on the s22 ultra

...if you want to judge things objectively (since your contents are viewed by people from so many countries), comparing iPhones with the entire Android universe instead of just from two brands is more valid (and I have to praise Arun for his acknowledgement in this part).

I think it is also why flagship phones from brands like vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi are often overlooked by people, especially in America. Yeah, that`s more like the manufacturers` fault, but...

I disagree with nearly all. Photos? Lol.

thoughts? Literally the most annoying part. Its not even about android at this point.

I also think that when talking about a category to compare, sometimes he made a correlation to another category that had almost nothing to do with each other, because they are just two different categories.

Well, this topic is already very subjective to begin with. I just think that some parts of the comparison are unfair (because MKBHD mostly only talks about Samsung and Google in the Android realm).

Software issues in the camera should be criticised under the software part, since it has nothing to do with the image quality itself, even though I know that can be very annoying to deal with. What I meant by that, it was about Google`s buggy app and so on.

Next, about photography. I think if you want to talk about photography, you should stick to the topic of "photography", because when talking about it, it should be all about versatility, quality, and reliability in a sense that whatever you`re capturing will look awesome.

About availability and the fact that most Chinese brands don`t sell their phones officially in the US... yes, that happens. But as a reviewer, especially a big one, you should have an experience with products from a lot of companies if you want to compare both operating systems.

It looks like the video wasn`t necessarily about Android vs iPhone, but mainly just Samsung/Google vs iPhone (especially on the photography part). There are a lot of Android phones out there, from a lot of brands. I don`t think those two brands can represent Android as a whole.

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