I don`t know why most tech youtubers do this

October 3, 2022, 2:44 am
I don`t know why most tech youtubers do this
I don`t know why most tech youtubers do this. Remember pixel 6 series been so buggy at launch and MKBHD made a whole video twice about it. Also remember the GOS issue with the S22 Series earlier this year? Mrwhosetheboss made a whole video about that also. Which is fine..

MKBHD only complaints about android mishaps when it`s from Android OEMs Samsung included or Google. Anything Google and he`s just downright at it`s throat.

Those guys are biased. I have always known Mkbhd to be an Apple Fan boy. Simply watching his iOS vs Android reviews will show you that. I don`t expect any unbiased video from him tho, he was at the Apple event. Tech reviewers are supposed to stay neutral.

Good to see some poeple are waking up & looking how the corporate operates with consumers & play with their feelings & money.

Haha , the trillion dollar company relies on these people , they comtain & hide issues very well its all about advertising & marketing. The product has not been thier focus for a while now.

I like Mr Whos The Boss and MKBHD but I have to agree. Each time I log into You Tube I want to see their take and review on the issues the 14 Pro and iOS16 has - and yet its just silence. Makes you really question their ability to review accurately.

This is why they both jumped on the non issue Samsung battery shit. They want to distract from the mess iOS 16 and the iPhone 14 are. They both should be called out

Maybe they are afraid of apple company Or they could lose their next invitation for apple announcements

Apple dickriding from these so called reviewers is insane

The stop getting units if they say anything negative about apple ,they would miss those early likes and views and thats what happened to unbox therapy so they fear apple

I totally agree. There are tech YouTubers who are in love with Apple and see any options as secondary.

I saw his video on the Pixel 6a and how he bashed the 60hz display by saying it was so slow, yet he`s coming from 120hz flagships. Luckily other smaller YT creators had nothing but praise for the 6a, so I decided to buy it. No regrets whatsoever

"Twitter for Android" You have not used a 14 Pro and do not have a good idea of the bugs the device has compared to the Pixel 6. Most of the 14 Pro`s bugs have been fixed within 2 weeks of launch, whereas the Pixel needed months to be fixed.

Their primary device would certainly be Apple. It`s a great hardware but 14 series didn`t perform as anticipated. An apple user told me 14 pro mx wud set new battery record, this nd that. But turns out 13 pro mx is better. U cn add aod n haptics, n some will say it`s innovation

The only two youtuberz i really appreciate and trust these days are & Other than these two i really don`t trust any tech YouTuber at all. When i want to purchase a new product.

I agree with you

You can be negative about the other 2 and still get invited to their special events.

So how does bother you Im curious

you just say what in my mind since pixel 6 came out

It`s hard to look down on the iphone when you`re on bender knee before apple.

Samsung doesn`t generate clicks for mkbhd unless it`s to make fun of and make apple look good. He just copied Arun and made a short about Samsung batteries.

..love as a tech youtuber. Thanks for going through the thread consider Following,retweeting and like. I`m not a fanboy of any brand. All what i said in this thread is something that`s not close or hidden anymore.

Galaxy buds 2 pro , he didn`t even review the Galaxy watch 5 pro that`s the first pro watch that`s kinda competitive to the Apple Watch Ultra. All i just need to say is that even if you`re biased that doesn`t mean you should ignore other brands and review only the brands you..

This issue they would have made a 20 minutes video just because of that. Also Who noticed that Mrwhosetheboss didn`t review the Pixel 6 series. Mkbhd made a few seconds video just to showcase how apple improved the Airpods pro gen 2 magnets but never made a review video of the..

Because that`s the job of being a tech youtuber. But take a look at what is going on with iOS 16 and iPhone 14 pro series! Both didn`t even make a YouTube short about it, they just did as if they know nothing about what`s going on. I bet if it was Samsung or pixel that had this..

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