I don`t think this is it

September 22, 2022, 4:27 pm
I don`t think this is it
I don`t think this is it. We`ve seen a lot of consoles come out and die. Most recently, the Soulja Boy console. Microsoft/Sony holds this space with a choke hold. What makes you want to spend $100+ (guessing) on a console when you can play these games on PC? zilliqa zil

Correct. I can also see Zil moving to POS in the future.

The specs/price point combination is going to be key for me. Finding a chassis maker like this of course is totally fine - but fanless design probably suggests it`s gonna be specced to handle esports level GFX more than any really big graphics stuff

Notice the large drop on the ETH merge date? 9/15

Alot of Zil miners were dual mining with ETH. The ETH merge just happened. That looks pretty normal. Mining difficulty is now lower so the community can get mining

That is shameless and disgusting rebranding.

Ps4 , Xbox , Nintendo switch , steam deck , comfortable android/ ios tablet gaming all come at a high price. +300$ to 600$ None of them are ready for web3.0 gaming apart tablets/smartphone/ computers. Zilliqa is coming as a first mover with a 100$ console is game changer .

But that`s the thing. It`s a gaming rig first and miner second. It would not be profitable running as a miner but if my console is getting me an extra couch change then why not?

It looks like a small form factor PC rebranded into a console.

They only hold the console market. The switch and wii both done well and were innovations. If they can bring PC style gaming to a console, it could work imo. But a huge risk for sure. Like all things new, could flop.

Hash rate drop is normal in bear markets and the ETH merge just happened. Are you new to crypto?

Pool mining exists bro

Every blockchain needs a mining console to make mining easier. I will buy 5 just to help the Zil network.

You will get hardware wallet, Miner and who knows maybe some Metapolis feature with option to play games of course. I think this is actually a good idea and i will buy it if it has those features.

It will do great if it can mine crypto

Indeed. That`s why the Gamehub is accessible in every platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac , Linux)

Absolutely correct!

Mobile gaming is the future of gaming IMO. There are over 15b devices worldwide, the need for spending money on a console, setting it up and connecting to a TV isn`t as lucrative as it once was. U also spend around $100 on a Hardware wallet, here you get a console as well. Depends a lot on the games u can play on it.

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