I feel annoyed every time I look at this

November 25, 2021, 3:04 pm
I feel annoyed every time I look at this
I feel annoyed every time I look at this wasted space on iOS. They couldve arranged everything without wasting that much space.

I dont think this is a wasted space, it look good, but the other hand if you put a lot of things on the screen it looks weird and polluted

You want it pretty or you want space ?

Get yourself an Android so much customization unlike CrApple that wants to charge for everything my last CrApple was the iPhone 4 with skeuomorphism when Steve Jobs died it went to Crap so I left been with Samsung ever since and not turning back

Sometimes it helps because it looks less cluttered imo.

Honestly, 28 apps on one page is more than enough for me. I don`t want an ugly, crammed home screen. Even on Android I always only had 5 icons (apps/folders) on my home screen and a widget on the top.

I agree. They shouldve done it better long ago.

Samsung`s too. Why are the app so high from the bottom? I turn off the gesture hint so that`s probably why. Yeah we need to be able to place icons anywhere

I am believing in android takeover nowdays

U should look at my android homepage than... its all empty

Remove the Icon Labels and icon grind system, more customization and split scrn. Apple is a decade behind Android seriously

This annoys you, and 330 messages ? I would have a panic attack every time i look to my phone and see that i have that much unread messages

You always have something to complain about Even if they used this space, you would complain that it is full

I really like this space

Thats the space where we can see our wallpaper without any icon hindering

It`s worse on the iPad. Way, way worse.

Cluttered = bad Space = Good

It`s fine on smaller phones imo. On the Pro Max, yeah...

It used to be more spread out and that gap was smaller but then they added the ability to scroll through home pages from there so they made the gap bigger

I think I will try and arrange things a little bit different, if I cant move them, then surely I can arrange my appcons to fill in that wasted space. Time will tell. Plz be patient itll change soon enough

This tweet might just be the perfect definition of the word `nitpicking` lol

I`ve been complaining about this since the Max was released.

Same here but i got used to it

The space between the apps in the dock? I think the extra space is there to reduce the chance of tapping the wrong app.

iOS wants to give more like futuristic and background blur experience with smooth animations. I don`t know when android will become stable enough to properly show good animations while using or closing / opening apps.

I think it would be cumbersome if there was no space left. it looks good and practically usable.

I just wish we could place the icons wherever we want instead of having to fill up all the spaces before

Yeah I don`t get it what`s wrong with it?

I think a 5 row grid looks weird with these rounded square icons so mabie that`s why?

I texted u please answer

Apple knows what its doing...they might have a reason.

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