I got the first iphone I`ve ever owned today

June 26, 2021, 8:09 am
I got the first iphone I`ve ever owned today
I got the first iphone I`ve ever owned today. And besides sending full length videos via text, it sucks.

Have I mentioned my phone is huge? 6.9 inches...its also big

I made the switch about a year ago and Im still not a fan.

Yup. I didnt use all the other stuff on YouTube music. I also hated that if I added a song to a playlist it doesnt tell you theres a duplicate.

Heres something I did recently. A dedication to loved ones departed. I did this on iOS. Well, GarageBand is on all iOS devices. And its a great program. There are some free apps you can do music on, but they arent as in depth as the one I use. Theres a free version of the one I use but it isnt the full deal. Theres a lot of great creativity apps you can get

iPhone does some pretty rad sh!t once you get it all figured out. I can do full length, complete music production on it. Good thing is that theyre looking out for your privacy, too.

I had that, I switched to tidal 4 months ago. I like it better

Ive got the: biggest, douchiest, most ram, 5G, ginormous smart phone on the market. The note 20 ultra! And its also quite large. The best part is that it makes iPhones look puny and weak

I`m so used to just grabbing whatever I want too. But seriously the same app for an iPhone will have a ton more features. Apple won`t approve the app unless they get exclusive features.

I do nefarious pirate sh*t on my phone. I can`t have an iPhone.

The apps is where you will notice the biggest difference.

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