I have found that after every software update on

September 13, 2021, 9:33 pm
I have found that after every software update on
I have found that after every software update on a cellphone, the battery life gets shorter. I suspect it is a technique used by cellphone manufacturers to make you buy phones more regularly.

That`s why I will never buy a smartphone. I am good with my Nokia 105.

Planned obsolescenceshame

This is mainly the case for Iphone and Samsung

Yes it is Apple been using it for years

Dankie iOS 14.8 release update

I think phones are programmed to work for 2 yrs comes end of contract... If wll force you to buy a new phone

I updated software of my SAMSUNG A20 I regret why I updated it cos it is worse than before updated

Now this is a conspiracy theory I can get behind...

is this true?

Oh wow.. I`ll check that too.. never realised..

You`re correct, I`ve tried not to over charge my 3 months old phone and only charge it 2 hours but lately it`s battery can`t sustain me the entire day, even when using it to play music via Bluetooth on a car.

Just like any other vaccine, a jab might reduce your life span.

It was an unspoken truth for iPhones. Apple says its to conserve battery life and what not. Think they had a court case brought before them. Dont quote me though

Chows battery and space

I am on Huawei too, i can`t say the same

Income generation strategy. The fruit mobile company takes the lead on this scam

Yazi I`m understanding this tweet wrongly over thinking will kill us guys

Apple was once sued for this.

Yep, they want to keep making money from. It`s gets slow and battery does not last anymore

i change the battery

Apple is the master when comes to that , one update then your phone mic is not longer working

To think i always update mine

Depends on which country you living in. In some countries, Battery life gets much better.

I noticed too

Iphone might be worse !!!

Exactly, before updates i would use my phone for 2days without charging, now i charge it everyday

The camera quality also becomes quite low.

It also reduces Picture quality

Just updated my sgedlemba last week, and the battery lifespan is no longer the same yazi. Now I get it.

I will never update software

Planned/scheduled obseletion is a thing.

More updates = more power consumption = less battery life.

Christo, I bought a HUAWEI 2019 model in 2019. I`ve had this phone for two years now. I do updates almost every week. The batterylife is still good. I don`t agree with you on this one.

Thats the aim so that you can upgrade your cellphone. Everything now favours the Capitalists! Greed is a pandemic I tell you, we are milked dry all the time.

They also allow Spyware to infiltrate your device during the update process. Most of us are being covertly monitored via these malicious spy software. They have complete access your phone, they can switch on your microphone and listen to your conversation, or your camera

Replace the battery

Not only the battery, the phone also start operating too slow.

Yep. Mine is even freezing every after update. How come????

Must be an I phone

They increase the processor which heat up the battery, but guess it`s being their strategy when bringing new devices version. Noticed dis wen I had j5 new release back in 2016/17

Planned obsolescence

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