I know pretty much nothing of VR, my dad`s

July 3, 2021, 1:48 am
I know pretty much nothing of VR, my dad`s
I know pretty much nothing of VR, my dad`s friend`s daughter gifted him a oculus quest2 or something. What can done with it outside gaming? Can you like connect it to tv directly and watch stuff in VR or something?

No problem, hope it didn`t sound too much like a rant or something at least! Hope your dad can have a good time with it though. There`s definitely some calmer games he could try if he`s not up to Beat Saber or Space Pirate Trainer, like VRChat, Fishing, Golf, etc.

Can be done to watch anything, use simulations for projects and work stuff like that but the simulations are more in detail than you can like interact with

There are ways to run more traditional android apps in 2D mode, including the android settings app. Some interesting stuff in there, at least on the Quest 1, like customizing screen brightness, power savings, etc. Not sure what`s available on the Quest 2.

You can use VR to watch content in a private cinema, collaborate with coworkers in virtual office spaces with whiteboards, mirror your screen (and add extra virtual monitors) for productivity, sculpt 3D art, view 360 degrees videos, exercise without going to a gym and much more

It is android under the hood, you can actually sideload apps onto it and there`s even a whole app marketplace called sidequest dedicated to that. It`s got apps in development, full games, demos, games rejected by Oculus (they`re pretty strict and sometimes arbitrary).

You can actually set it up as a whole pc desktop and do work from there

Watch stuff huhuhu

Youtube, other tubes yes

Uhh not sure, I only used my friends, and he had some kind of search engine function, and a hub where you could choose games and other things but I dont know details-

Things I`ve done with my vr set so far besides actual gaming is play flappy bird vr, space invaders vr, YouTube in full 360 There might be more to it than that but //shrugs

Think so, at least I know with the original Oculus Quest you could have more apps besides games

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