I know this may sounds daft, but, damn

September 10, 2022, 9:24 pm
I know this may sounds daft, but, damn
I know this may sounds daft, but, damn... gaming, for me, is such a life saver! It always helps to distract and get me through difficult times, offering the escapism when needed.

Well I have a pretty old pc that I use mainly for watching streaming media on my tv. But I doubt its capable of running any modern games. I also have an android tablet. Would I be able to use that or is a dedicated games console needed?

I`m loving Disney Dreamlight Valley at the moment! Nice, chill game to unwind. Basically Disney does Animal Crossing.

For several years, yes. Until Spectre was no longer supported on the Mac platform.

From the time video games came out in the 1970s, Ive been absolutely rubbish at them. My coordination is so bad, I suspect there are people who cant even see the monitor who will easily outscore me. The one exception was Spectre. Just barely, though. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. So should I just google the story of Assassins Creed ? (sorry if its a silly question)

Hmm, I might just do that

I only really play mp games for destressing.

Its a great distraction, sometimes you need that!

I find my stress level go down when I game regularly and I even sleep better.

I feel like Im missing out on something quite special

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