I`ll say Gamecube was a huge part of me

February 5, 2021, 5:17 pm
I`ll say Gamecube was a huge part of me
I`ll say Gamecube was a huge part of me growing up in a state. I watched my cousins played several games and it was a blast

Alright let`s do this one last time.. When I was younger my family members owned a DVD player, 155 units system with a bunch of mature games.. Then I Jumped to DS and Game Boy Advance.. Landed on OG Xbox, Wii and Xbox 360 and Stayed with Playstation Vita, PS4 and Switch If you want cozy glow you could check out my YouTube channel and see all my brand new videos there will be more videos on the way ive been having lots of fun with my new voiceover Gargoyles into be prepare for chills down your spine Whahahahahaha!! Yep!!! Im still working on your mane along with your tail and wings its coming along really well!!

I hope you and your family are doing OK Ive been making plushies and getting better every day! Guess who Im making now you may recognize this cutie mark! XD ill give you more updates when its finished No way! me too I played on the gamecube all the time when I was a kid playing jimmy neutron the Attack of the Twonkies ,Finding Nemo, Ed Edd n Eddy video game too!

Idk why everypony else thinks you`re evil Cozy, the way I see it.....you`re just misunderstood. Seriously, even I know the difference between the two. I`m honestly proud to call you my friend any day. I mean it.

I`m more of an Xbox pony myself. Went from the 360, to the Xbox One, skipped the One S and went straight to the One X.

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