I`m confused between saving up for an iPad or

June 25, 2021, 8:36 pm
I`m confused between saving up for an iPad or
I`m confused between saving up for an iPad or an Apple watch. Here`s the thing, I already have an M1 MacBook Air and I don`t really do note-making kinda stuff. But iPad seems kinda appealing. I have always wanted an Apple watch too. What do you guys suggest?

Buy an apple watch and get an i pad on monthely payment

If you will be using Apple Pay, go for the watch, the best payment system ever, I never use my card anymore. iPad`s basically for the YouTube in bed or the couch.

Sincerely Ive got both! Using an iPad +Apple Pencil it has giving me a lot of benefits, now I dont have to take my MBA to every place I go and want to work; but the Apple Watch is my day to day brain remainders, calendar, health, calls, control. Prioritize Apple Watch

Apple Watch is amazing. If you exercise, do outdoor activities, or are interested in health, its your best bet. iPads are great but far less practical.

If you dont do a lot of note taking then I suggest the Apple Watch

My vote is Apple Watch. I think you`ll use it far more than an iPad if you already have a MacBook Air. What everyone else has said about it is true. And Apple Watch + AirPods is a fantastic combo.

Apple Watch only if you own an iPhone

Spend your cash !!! you only live once !!!

the apple watch 100%.

IPad mini is what you are looking for.

Need is different for everybody. I will say i have both and i love my iPad more then my Apple Watch. Its a joy to use.

Well, as someone with a broken Pad Pro . iPad is ultimately best for entertainment purposes (Netflix, YouTube, Gaming etc.); where Apple Watch is the utimate companion .

iPad!!! apple watch is cool n stuff but as a gadget and you`ll get bored of it in a week or so, whereas iPad is super useful !!! if u got MacBook air , the ipad could be an extension of ur screen (since airs r sm00L) :)))

iPad seems appealing but is useless save up for a watch if anything, the m1 macbook air you have is an actual powerhouse

Ipad all the way

Ive been purchased an Apple Watch SE last winter and I can say its one of the best devices Ive ever bought. The iPad is also a great addition to the ecosystem, but it all depends of your priorities.

Apple watchin your case I believe it would be more useful. If you are not planning to use the iPad for business/school/art you are going to spend your money for a bigger screen to watch youtube Believe me, I know

When I buy my iPad Pro 10.5 I bought it for the purpose of editing photography on the go. Now its for Netflix/YouTube . Apple Watch It`s not only 24/7 because I don`t like to sleep with it and need to charge

Im the biggest Apple fan but my Apple Watch was a waste of money tbh

I wear my Apple Watch 23 hours a day. I use my 2021 iPad Pro w/ Pencil maybe 10-15 hours a week. And in the past few yrs, I used my previous iPad like 10 hours a month. iPad is nice to have if you otherwise spend a significant amount of time reading/researching on a laptop

Definitely Apple watch! From health to comfort, it will have a positive effect on your life style. My friend migrated from Android literally because of the apple watch

Personally I never thought Id need an Apple Watch but now I have one I wouldnt be without it. I like all its health features and reminders. I have a first edition iPad Pro which is great but its just another screen really. So my watch iPhone and MacBook I need, iPad less so

I love my Apple Watch, its a lot cheaper than an iPad Pro, and I personally find it way more useful since my Macbook does everything an iPad does

Recommend the Watch based on wht you said. Mobile pay, device unlocking, looking at msgs/notifications w/out using yr phone is GREAT! Watch also has remote features for music, smart home (on/off) of lights etc, has built in audio recorder, weather, timer, calendar alerts.

Well since you have a air which is a very light weight device , I would go for the watch as it has more use cases than an iPad for you .

I have a MacBook Pro, I got the 12.9 iPad Pro and have not used my Mac since except for typing papers/work. The iPad is versatile and a great way to intake media (is not a Mac). I also have an Apple Watch. Id pick the iPad.

iPad all the way!!!! Their may be development of new Apple watches so I would consider the iPad more

get the watch, it can unlock your phone for you when youve got a mask on and it can unlock your mac. ive got an ipad and a watch and i love them both, but i think the watch is best for your set up atm

iPad is not only for note taking its can be used for gaming art works or your entertainment device Apple Watch can track your fitness what do you need entertainment or checking your health etc you have to decide between this

Get a good book, mechanical watch and go somewhere quiet for a weekend with those.

Apple Watch - but put money in savings or 401k plan first.

Apple Watch was one of the best purchases Ive ever done.

Get an Apple Watch. You will stay active with it.

Smart watches do things that laptops and tablets done, so I`d go with that.

Def an Apple Watch if you already have a Mac

If you are into design, illustration or photo editing go for the iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. If youde be using the iPad for regular work just go for the Watch.

Apple Watch its like a window for your notifications and a remote for stuff and I think it complements maps and a lot of other Apple products well

Buy the stock -

I think the Apple Watch would be better, the only time I use my iPad is for note taking

Apple Watch i think you wont miss the iPad because of the Mac

2 completely different use cases get the watch it will make you healthy

I love my Apple Watch, It really do make your life easier and can help you get healthier if that would be a goal for yours

Definitely Apple Watch , u dont really need the iPad and u wont be using it much

Neither! Invest instead

I feel like the iPad will have WAY more usability. I never use my smart watch and I`m the kind of person whos like 100% tethered to my tech in every other way. But after work, plunking down on the couch with a bigger screen than your phone but less weight than a laptop? Hell yeah

Watch all the way! If you have a MacBook then having an iPad wouldnt be useful if not for note making

Im a college student so my experience is a bit different, but I use my iPad for basically everything but programming. Its so much snappier than my laptop, but I dont know how that compares to the M1

apple watch ... you have the power of m1 chip on macbook air already .. the watch will complete the ecosystem

Buy the Apple watch SE (which is the cheapest) if you want to elevate your health and fitness. Apple watch is a great motivator and tracker for exercises and has the best accuracy in the market right now.

Apple Watch! I had an iPad and a MacBook Pro. I recently got rid of my iPad. Its not necessary unless you dont have a MacBook

If I were you I`d have gone with the apple watch

dont buy anything. Invest in Bitcoin and one day you can buy all releases together on each occasion thoughts?

If you go with an Apple Watch get the series 3 its affordable enough to where its not much different between the 6 but definitely get that M1 iPad Pro because it is god tier

Apple Watch would do!

Apple Watch.

At this point, Id say Apple Watch is the one product I genuinely cant live without. I love the health components, ECG, notifications on my wrist, and basic interactions I can do. I love my Apple Watch and take it for granted.

U already have Mac so no need for iPad now, just go for Apple watch as per your budget and wait for new releases. Health is important and many features present in Watch than iPad. It is best to invest after...

Get an Apple watch. I got my IPad for the same reason as yours, and guess what, I seldomly use it after a week.

I have both (not the newest) but if I had to give one up it would be the watch.

yeah you should go for Apple Watch

you guys saving money? Apple Watch, iPad and MacBook function similarly so its not worth both

Sell your MacBook and get a i pad with logitech keyboard and Apple Watch

I just ordered a refurbished apple watch. I am eyeballing the new iPad as well. It will help me with video editing because my Macbook is getting old.

I found it easier to find stuff I wasn`t using and sell it. That way I didn`t have to `save up`.

iPad anyday, put a strap on it and wear it on your hand like a Roman shield. Intimidates any enemy.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch 6 but wait for the 7 this fall

Foi you like to exercising Apple Watch is an great option. If not is just a expensive watch

Apple Watch if youre more into fitness and you dont want to be distracted by a phone all the times. iPad if you wanna boost the experience of a Mac and want a versitile device that you can always bring with you.

Apple Watch !!

I like them both. Id get the watch first though

I was pretty much in the same situation and bought an iPad. I loved the iPad, but after two weeks I decided to return it because I simply dint need it. Now I got my watch for 4 months now and wear it everyday. So im suggesting the watch ;)

Go with the new iPad Pro M1

iPad. The best device for entertainment which will easily last for 5 years.

I bought them all at once a couple weeks ago (previously Microsoft and Samsung user)... My most important devices so far: 1. iPhone 2. Watch 3. Airpods Pro 4. Macbook 5. iPad Pro If you cannot afford both, buy the Watch Series 6. It is amazing. Buy ipad air and Apple watch

I think you must go for apple watch

DON`T BUY an Apple Watch! Almost no use whatsoever! Instead Ipad and apple pencil are life altering

I would choose the watch

Apple Watch. If you dont have it, you need it. Its a life changer. Ive had mine for almost 2 years now and the change is documented. Ive been way more active and aware of my health ever since I got mine. Its defiantly worth the money.

Go for the watch. Smart watches are life changing whereas we`ve all used a tablet before.

The iPad is just the fun way to use a Mac but its not a real Mac. The apple watch is gonna make your life easier like when using Apple Pay - receive and send messages - receive calls when your phone is away and silent and the most important thing is taking care of your health.

Apple Watch

If you consume a lot of content, and dont use a TV and iPad will be a good addition but the Apple Watch is a really nice quality of life addition although if youre a desktop centric user your phone and computer might as well be enough, What ill recommend is to save up a bit mor

Apple Watch is what I would prefer 1st

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Go for apple watchhh

An Apple Watch

iPad mostly (not entirely) duplicates functionality you already have. Apple Watch gives you new functionality and freedom. So for me - Apple Watch

Go for an iPad ..

Get both? Apple Watch SE ($279) and the iPad Air ($600) has most of the iPad Pro ($800) features except the Pro screen, but you can even use the Magic Keyboard ($200) and Apple Pencil on it!

You can likely get both eventually. Which is more important to have right now? Since you already have a MacBook, Id say the Apple Watch should be the one you get now

Obviously, Apple watch would be a great choice as you have already M1 MacBook Air. And also as you mentioned you don`t take so many notes, you won`t regret the Apple watch purchase

1)Well thats a tough situation there ,i suggest you save for iPad because you can do lots of stuff with it as compared to apple watch yes its really good product but there are limitations when compared to an ipad and on the contrary apple watch costs much less than an ipad

Neither, invest your money in some growth ETFs

If you already have the M1 MacBook, go with the Apple Watch.

If you are into digital or some sort of touch input creative, then the iPad Pro is a sure bet. Other than that, Apple watch will be a good acquisition.

Apple Watch seems like the best use of money right now for your needs

If you have an M1 MacBook then get a Watch. Then get an iPad at a later date if you want one.

I`ve had both, and I say the Apple Watch. It has a tangible, positive impact in my life. e.g. I recently measured how meditation has positively impacted my sleep because Apple Watch tracks sleep data. That`s besides the more obvious Workout/Activity Tracking it does.

From my POV, you are going to be more productive with an Ipad. But if you have already a Macbook and you feel that is ok. Me personally i would go for Apple watch

iPad. Watch is a nice thing to have but you wont miss anything if you didnt own one. Its not even worth debating.

If you don`t do a lot of note taking or tablet related stuff, I`d go with the Watch.

Follow your heart *get the Apple Watch*

Id say go Apple Watch! I personally feel like the iPad doesnt really offer a universal utility to everyone maybe artists and maybe students (for note taking). But if you dont fall into those camps, its only a Netflix machine.

I think You need to go for Apple Watch

I do have the iPad tho, but not an apple watch. But my aunt has one and I`ve used it. It`s really cool and helpful! And the iPad is also really useful as a notebook (if u have a pencil)!

It completely depends on your usability. Based on the information, if you already have MacBook, Apple Watch would be a better option.

Go with the thing youd use every day. For me, that was an Apple Watch. Just evaluate what youll get the most use out of. Cant go wrong either way

Buy Apple Watch. You already have MacBook Air which is like iPad on steroids. Apple Watch is totally game changer for communication and for fitness (motivation for closing rings)

if you do not go with note-taking stuff apple watch is a more reasonable choice.

Id take an iPad, Unless youre into fitness get an iPad. Hands down best Apple Product in recent time. PS: I broke my Apple Watch 3 Months ago and I dont miss it at all.

Choose an Apple Watch

Get that watch My advice, as a person who uses his MacBook Pro 13 Touch Bar (2018) for most of his work and his iPhone 8 for everything else (social media, etc.), Id say go for the Apple Watch 100%. Maybe if you like graphic design or something similar iPad would be ok, +

Apple Watch but maybe wait a few months? The iPad is great, but your mba will do just fine for now

It largely depends on what you want to do with either. If you want to get better insights into your activity levels and make health improvements, then Watch. If you want a second screen and a more larger device vs the IPhone , go for the iPad.

iPad Pro for watching videos, multitasking, cooking guides, drawing, using on the go. Also, Sidecar can make your iPad a portable second display for more productivity. Lastly, a new feature called Universal Control will let you share your Macbooks trackpad with the iPad. iPad ftw

Apple Watch!!!

Apple Watch easily

But. Imagine all the clout youll get with a sexy iPad Pro.

I absolutely love my Apple Watch

I was in the same situation as you. I chose iPad and I regret that decision. It just always sits there collecting dust since I really have no use for it when I already own an iPhone and M1 MBP. It was appealing in the moment but now I wish I went for the Apple Watch.

Dont. An Apple Watch is better. Nthn I say is to be taken seriously.

I was in the same dilemma. I went with the Apple Watch SE. I dont regret it.

always choose the iPad

(ITS Apple Watch, not Apple watch!) I would go for the Apple Watch, since you dont seem like you need one

An Apple Watch gives you the freedom to put your phone down anywhere in your house or on your charger and not worry about missing a phone call or text message. Major convenience boost.

Personally i do not have iPad but the Apple watch makes everything really easy.

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