I`m due to upgrade my phone in a month,

May 27, 2021, 7:15 pm
I`m due to upgrade my phone in a month,
I`m due to upgrade my phone in a month, what phone should I go for? Currently using samsung s10plus. Thinking the s21 ultra I should get. S20 plus seems to close in price but will still consider it, my only issue with s21 plus is the 1080p display because I`m use to 1440p

Ive been iPhone for years never liked my androids just think of what your going to use your phone for and call it a day lol 1440p to 1080p isnt going to make a difference on a phone screen so if thats your only worry get that

I got the iPhone SE for again, that small form. But man, the conspiracy of them slowing phones down is real.

@xXIMathiasIXx Edge. Iphone 6 was great when I first got that aswell back in 2015 because it was my first expensive phone

Indeed and it can survive anything

I`m about to get myself a series x and I couldn`t be any happier right now

S10 was my first (official) android coming from iPhone. My tablet and TV are Samsung, so I wanted them to be able to talk.

@xXIMathiasIXx It`s gonna be faster so that`s a given. If I were samsung I would have no idea what to do for s22. I will probably upgrade this year but will keep my expectations low because I have came from s8 to s10plus in the past and it was a nice upgrade but the s8 was still a gorgeous phon

I literally jumped from to 10 to 21. I like a smaller phone, so I didn`t get the Ultra. The 120hz is great but yeah it drains the battery quick and the 1080p was immediately noticeable. Camera is a step up, but I really want those ultra features.

still not enough zoom

I will tell you the difference between the S10 and s21 is not that far apart. Obviously if you`re going to go Samsung, you`re going to. I would save your upgrade until the 22 or whatever comes out.

Yeah you don`t notice it compared to the double wide one on the s10+, overall its a awesome phone, loads of storage and ram too at a respectable 12gb

Awesome :) I have thought about seeing how much an unlimited data bolt-on would be, cause it would be nice to have Xcloud as and when I wanted it without having to worry about going over.

Size comparison the 100x zoom is awesome I love the camera I just got my second Samsung ever and other than Motorola it`s my favorite.

I have the s21 ultra, its a awesome phone, just feels huge compared to s10+ My only gripe with it is I always seem to pick it up upside down

I was in the same situation. Switching from 1440p to 1080p really doesn`t make much of a difference after all. It`s all about the refresh rate. Moving to higher refresh rate is the real deal. Have you considered any OnePlus devices ? They are usually a couple hundred $$ cheaper.

I consider any brand including apple, If I were to go apple I would want to wait for the 120hz version

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