I`m glad some people are maxing out on their

January 31, 2021, 12:01 am
I`m glad some people are maxing out on their
I`m glad some people are maxing out on their phones, but my Rumble tweets were referring to the Nintendo version. I didn`t promise anything on Android except a horror show:

I didn`t know it was out for android less go!!! I have Vivo Y11 I try it to moderate It gives me 60 fps It`s so smooth there are some bugs I can forgive that because it`s just the first version of the game. I have Advice to you, LOWER THE SETTINGS If it doesn`t Work, you really need a new phone. Goodluck Playing it : )

That`s nice Am i tripping or did this game broke my WR3D bcause i notice some frame rate/glitch issues after installing it

one question does it have controller support??

Give us an option to buy full version of it for Android, not rent it for a year

Any chance we can get an xbox version? Im sure a bunch of us would jump right on the mdickie wrestling train i have had more fun watching people like playing the game than i have ever watching him or anyone else play any wwe tittle

Mine works fine no lag and it`s really smooth. I play on android

I`m lucky I got the game because I pre registered it, but those poor people wanted it, why did you remove it from the play store for me it worked fine smoothly. Probably because your phone is old or bad. Easy yet a new one lol.

The game is a little laggy but that can be fixed by both developer and user. Not to mention how addictive the game is

Yeah I will still play 3D hope it fix it doesn`t I will just wait til the future and buy a switch I can wait 2 more years left of high school anyway thank God

I can do 15 people with no lag not gonna try anymore

Its wrok now after update just little animation problem only now

Btw dont Uninstall the game or u cannot play it anymore

Idk why some are complaining about lag even when mat told old devices will barely handle the game P.s it`s working fine on my phone and it`ll work perfectly fine on powerful devices and devices with Snapdragon 665 and above

I have Android 7.1.1 and 64bit architecture basically the min req, but I cant download the game anymore or update it. Please look into this issue.

I`ll hold out for now. Nothing against 3D of course but good things come to those who CAN wait. & I know I can & Empire will be worth the wait. I wouldn`t have put all my time into it if I didn`t know or believe that.

Android almost works fine, a few animation bugs and glitches here and there. But after all, Mat did warn us about Android

With a bit of luck, future tech will allow everybody to embrace Wrestling Empire - but until then Wrestling Revolution *is* the lite version. "If you want my old shit, buy my old album." But why is size only 90 on android at iOS size is 170 mb please understand me

I have a very weird glitch where the animations are just lagging and running at a PowerPoint presentation speed, while everything else runs exactly fine, restarting the game fixes the issue and it only happens with some moves. Please look into the issue.

You did call that weeks ago, to be fair.

Already 1k Downloading, Good Job Mr. Dickie Fix animation sir in game play time much glitch come in animation

A lot of people on a Facebook group are showing their emails they sent. I had a good laugh at the mat dickhead one. About tht phone am the game is laggey on andoid i tryed it on a lg q6 and a samsung

This full version on android please answer me

Just give the pro license asap

Please add gamepad controllers please

Working smoothly on powerful phones I just played for about 2 hrs and really enjoyed it

Thank you mat sir :) Steam next matt? Just curious

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