I`m gonna miss this layout of iPadOS 14… the

June 11, 2021, 3:42 am
I`m gonna miss this layout of iPadOS 14… the
Im gonna miss this layout of iPadOS 14 the new home screen on 15 feels so much worse

You can have your own picture on iOS15 home screen too!

Yeah. They built start menu for a reason.

Hopefully they reconsider thet widgets on the side, but Im a fan of having the option of hiding apps with the App Library my iPad screens need some work

Only 4 rows in vertical mode just looks silly on the 12.9

Wait what does iPadOS 15 look like? You share a screen shot on Twitter after your review, Drew is the beta stable currently.

Will miss the date and time on the top left thats for sure

I don`t get why we are now forced to have fewer apps per page? Why can`t the page layouts work the same as on iOS?

Well, at least we have the option to stay on iPadOS 14. Its 24 apps at once.

I agree on missing the compact icon layout. That should have just condensed the icons.

After many hours I found a way that I like 2 steps backwards 0 steps forwards

BIG MOOD . its totally gonna destroy the home screen i perfected over the years T-T Wait, so did they remove the task bar?

Backwards logic at its finest

On iPadOS 14 & earlier, I could never put any app on the home screen. I want all apps in the dock since you cant access spotlight when an app is open & the keyboards not connected. App Library in iPadOS 15 will help me a ton and I could finally put apps on the Home Screen Personally, I dont really care

Yes, its a tablet not a monitor

Absolutely not, iPadOS 14 felt half baked

They should have allowed us to put widgets on the Home Screen but also have the side bar thing.

Never said options were a bad thing! If it was me I would make it a toggle in settings for the old version. I just said that I like the newer one

Thats sad man :(

I have no apps on the screen just like a normal person.

Absolutely, will be giving the widget treatment to my iPad when the public beta drops Apparently he does

Very professional looking Wow, u look really handsome in that picture

In general, no. But with the focus feature I love it. Different home screens depending on what Im doing.

Personally I love the change, because I love having no apps on my home screen and just having an app library for all of it. I am going to take so much advantage out of that new space for widgets. I will miss though the time and date at the top left corner

As true as that is, you still dont

Theres no doubt about that They will suck till they finally allow them to function as buttons, imagine a now playing widget that people actually used Or a 2*2 widget that showed the actual battery percentage of all connected devices

But iPados 15 is still under developer testing version, not even close to public version, why some of people looks like they think this is the final version?

Yep they do

Nooo!! Completely agree this should not make it out of beta

Im on my iPad Air 4 rn comparing it and yeah , I dont understand why they would take away the feature to scroll thru a list of pinned widgets in exchange for puttinf widgets wherever you want. Why not both? The 30 apps at once thing is also confusing as hell

I absolutely hate it Two years ago when they introduced the smaller icons option it was a game changer, it felt like the logical next step, I even managed to place all my apps in a single Home Screen organized by folders and most used on the dock Now its widgets I wont even use

Yup, Im gonna miss it too 100% agree. The fact that the app spacing is less compact makes absolutely no sense. Why cant we just keep the same spacing as iPadOS 14. The portrait layout is particularly absurd

Is it purely because theres less apps on the home screen after adding widgets?

I get your upset it doesnt do everything you want, but I think youre beginning to cross the overexaggeration line

Can we still put the widgets on the side with the time in iPadOS 15?

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