I`m looking to get a new phone, but I

December 13, 2021, 2:20 pm
I`m looking to get a new phone, but I
I`m looking to get a new phone, but I can`t decide wich one to get. I`m looking at the Samsung Galaxy S21+ or the iPhone 13 Pro. Pls help me decide why I should/shouldn`t get either, thanks. (Also I am noob, can I still get the buff app on the iPhone?) Poll in comments

I would say wait for the next Samsung but I have no idea when exactly it will come out

Personally I love my iPhone 13 pro max, big screen, long battery life, the new refresh rate for the screens is super nice. I dont upgrade till my phones are about 3 years old, and especially with the better battery life its solid

iPhones last a lot longer, tbh, just go with an iPhone. It just feels better than an android.

You can even try the pixel one if you can get it for cheaper pixel 6 or pixel 6 pro

If you want a smaller more compact phone but a phone without a good zoomed images than go for iphone or if you want a big and a phone with good zooming capability go for samsung and the privacy thingy is a little bit better in iphone ;)

Nice, i usually buy phones instead of paying monthly so idk how much that is compared to normal but that sounds like its worth it to get a pro then

You buy icrap, I unfriend B

I had an iPhone in 2018 but I was tired of the battery so I went back to Android (Asus for 1 year, OnePlus for 2 years, then I got Samsung from NIP which I had to return once I left), now I have iPhone SE and I would say it`s way different phone than 4 years ago... big fan.

Samsung, it has a nicer ui and is way easier to use. You could also get a lower end phone as it really doesnt matter that much unless you play mobile games for some reason

iPhone bro, i had Samsung and it`s ok but meh

Iphone 13 Pro because i like the IOS. Got the buff app ist without problems.

depends the region for buff app, IK in some places buff got removed on IOS store, Im personally a samsung enthusiast

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