I`m shocked No i`m not lol phone sucked too

June 23, 2021, 1:16 am
I`m shocked No i`m not lol phone sucked too
I`m shocked No i`m not lol phone sucked too small

You mean the price was fine from Apple`s point of view to maintain their brand`s public image of being associated with "high-end luxury".

I did. Its awesome.

yep people still complain that there is no good compact phones, you can`t winn with people

12 mini is the best iPhone 12 series phone. I have a 12 mini and love it because of its size. The biggest phone screen Ive ever had was 5.8 and I found that just ever so slightly too big

You are false

I totally agree with you here. The iPhone 12 mini CAN`T be your main device. It`s simply too small. Phablets are the one size fits all phones, media gaming devices best suited for 95% of users. Shout out to Samsung for pioneering the phablets.

They cannibalized a portion of the Minis sales by releasing the 2nd gen SE 6 months before the it.

I actually really liked the size of the phone, I just didn`t like the price, nor did I like the lack of features and exterior buid material choices. And the battery was terrible.

Max you do realise that there are people that crave for smaller phones that don`t sacrifice in performance right? Although I`ve hear the battery life wasn`t good so that might be a reason.

We wanted that but never got on hands

The battery was more the problem than the actual IMO and I have big hands. I wanted to buy it because of the size BUT that battery and iPhones history with (small) batteries stopped me.

Not all people love big phones. Ai have a friend who bought the 12 mini for his wife. She has small hands and the size of the 12 mini is perfect for her.

i much prefer the sony approach. tall narrow 21:9 display. easy to 1-hand and video content fits in the screen as well

iPhone 12 size is perfect. The Mini is objectively too small, but i like it, dont get me wrong, also most ppl who picked it up are happy with it

In india it is sadly .

I don`t think it was too small, I think it was just too small for you. The iPhone SE is a small phone but sells well, so obviously people don`t truly care about the size. The price was too high, the size is fine

Looks like Apple rich, always on-the-move executives still believe phones should be one handed.

Fun fact: iPhone 12 mini display size is larger than the Galaxy Note 1 5.4" vs 5.3" 2011 the tech media was like WTH Samsung? Who wants to answer calls with this awkwardly shaped phablet when our nifty 3.5" iPhones will do the job perfectly

Disagree, absolutely love my 12 mini. The only bad thing about it is the battery life.

Price was too high in literally any country other than the US or UK.

I woulda bought it if theyd released it at the same time as the standard size

BTW the original price for that mini was 860 euros. Error no people are in post pre or mid pandemic and they want value for money

It`s 799 euros in Europe. When you can get the A52 5g for 400 sporting a 64 mp camera....come on! Apple just doesn`t get it!

Price too high

Ugh, so infuriating reading it was too small. Thats the fucking point. Maybe it comes down to that its called the mini & had less battery life at premium price. But its hard to sell a smaller more practical device when every American wants the larger model.

To the people saying they want a small phone: yeah, you`re what`s called a... minority. That`s kind of the point.

This phone is proof that tech youtubers do not actually represent the market.

Correction Max, a very niche category of people want a phone that small, but they exist. I know 2 people who bought the mini who are in my close circle. And for anyone saying the price is too high, nah. People who know what they want dont generally care about that

My buddy has one, I legit don`t know how he lives a modern life with a phone that small

So do you think apple will manufacture less minis for next year to begin with?

I didn`t knew you have a yt channel!!

Not true. I did. Would gotten if they made a pro model. Pocketability is always in style.

Yehh agree 5.8 or 6.0 is the best screen size to make a phone compact

I have it and I LOVE it. Never getting a bigger phone

& poor battery life too

The point is: iPhone 12, XR, iPhone 11 are all `small` phone by today`s standards. Then price of mini becomes an important factor. Otherwise we cannot explain why iPhone SE with smaller battery and tiny screen was a huge success.

I did but Verizon apparently didnt have them in stock and kept trying to sell me on the bigger 12. And look now I dont have a mini

Because our fingers are too big lol

It has a mini battery

The phone is just right but the price was to high

Size was nice though

I found it hilarious that Reddit cucks kept saying they wanted a smaller phone and that there is a market for it. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha

You could say the Max is to big too. Its relative. Ive bought all different sizes. I even switch out colors mid cycle like Max for a color change because I get bored w/ iPhones. I have the Mini currently, along side a Note 10. I can say I prefer the 11 Pro 5.8 size overall.

In my opinion the price was too high for its size

the small battery killed it tbh.

Then why did iPhone SE not fail

Then why was IPhone SE such a big hit

How come IPhone SE, a much smaller phone was such a smash hit

Maybe the market wasnt as big as they thought it might be but I tend to enjoy reviewers who take context into account when reviewing. It was the same phone as the iPhone 12 but for size and battery. It doesnt suck.

Fun fact iPhone 12 Mini is my favourite choice as compared to base and Pro models.

Not too high? This thing started at $1000 in Canada. Have yet to see one in the wild.

If people really wanted the phone, the price wouldn`t matter.

I absolutely want a phone that size because I have healthy eyes and normal sized hands. Using a phone single handed is a major feature for me, and 12 Pro is bordering unwieldy. Price wasnt the issue, features were. I want an iPhone 12 Pro in the body of a 12 Mini.

Price isn`t high... even battery too... thats the villain

Personally I cant wait for iPhone 12S/13 mini

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