I`m surprised that iOS still has the “back button”

January 18, 2021, 5:39 pm
I`m surprised that iOS still has the “back button”
Im surprised that iOS still has the back button in the top left corner for most apps. Its the wrong spot for one-handed usage. It should be the opposite, in the lower right. Some apps support swiping right to go back, but its not consistent.

Now that I try around, I realise that it`s only the apps I use that seem to have implemented their own swipe to have back-style nav. But yeah, I would love to have nav closer to my thumb too. But in general, moving the back button is literally just one and doesn`t really solve it

I`ve been saying this for so long. Most times I`ve spoke to people they are like "get bigger hands"

Can reach top left with thumb on left hand. Cannot reach the bottom right. Honestly phones are just too big these days (for people with small hands)

Android OS was also the only one deployed to phones with a physical back button. iOS was not. This can set a precedence.

When using iOS I get so confused about how to navigate within apps.

@mpjme Plus, requiring everyone to handle the global back button I think works out really well in practice. Its just something you have to plan for if youre building for Android. But on iOS you can build your own custom UI that doesnt even have a back button.

Yea, my wife and I cannot hardly use each other`s phones (she has iphone). It`s amazing that they almost have their own proprietary ux. Almost like a gated community

Actually, there`s a "Reachability" feature to mitigate a bit of the problem. Btw, I agree with you.

You can almost always just swipe over the screen on iOS to go back actually - there are several of super-fast ways to navigate iOS if you`re a power user, such as the little bow swipe to quickly move between apps.

Fair enough! Seems to be apps that avoid the native navigation implementations. Frustrates me every time I use the PayPal app

And on Samsung phones it`s customizable as hell. You can have back button on the right or left, as well as new gesture navigations, like on Pixels

My Pixel 4 XL no longer has a global back button, you have to swipe from the side in order to go back. You can swipe from either side of the screen in order to perform the back action though, so it`s pretty comfortable most of the time.

Apple`s UX/UI innovation has been deteriorating for years...I`m still trying to understand what`s the difference in UX/UI between iPhone 12 & iPhone 6.

Do you have many apps that don`t support swiping to go back? I can only think of one I`ve got installed that doesn`t... PayPal

It seems like Apple things "good design" is to have as little UI as possible. I think that`s a part of the problem

On Android, the global back button is on the bottom bar, on the left. Always accessible, no matter what app youre in. Its a great accessibility feature. Its another one of those small design decisions that has a huge impact on usability.

Gmail supports swiping right to go back, but they also support swiping right to delete emails and those are very different things

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