I mean…Dynamic Witness Protection Programme? (vs what it looks

September 23, 2022, 9:13 pm
I mean…Dynamic Witness Protection Programme? (vs what it looks
I meanDynamic Witness Protection Programme? (vs what it looks like on a real phone)

It is way too simple for them to solve its not like it is a real problem

It will be fixed soon I assume once google optimises the YouTube app

I have yet to see this on mine

That`s an app issue not the phone

Just update your YouTube App Man

Youtube is not optimised and dumb guy blames Apple

Witness protection

Cause it`s a screenshot and it obviously doesn`t show up in a screenshot

Most phone reviewers are pathetic, this is an app problem to an over engineered workaround.

How does your YouTube do this lol. Mine doesnt

Now delete the post

Yep, APPLE should get right on fixing the YOUTUBE app.

The same thing happened with mine, its just a bug, Happened with my Xr too

Alex you sure got "Dynamic" content

I am sick of YouTube`s incessant refusal to update their apps to make content more viewable on iPhone screens when it works perfectly in browsers and other apps.

Man, you just love framing googles optimization problems as Apples, dont you?

Glad it got resolved, I was surprised that a minor error like this requires a reset

That`s dynamic issue

You did a reset or a restart? Did to try restarting it?

Uh android fanboys. How cute

Its gonna take some time for apps to support it

Are you alright? I see two real phones there

OK, hear me out I am reading that comment

I am not having this problem and I have the new iPhone as well x


Why did you bring iPhone looks to your Android ? I have note 10 and i have never want my Note look like iphone lol

Get a iPhone 14 so that u realise how it works lol

...delete the tweet, than :)

It`s iJRedacted? we only love YouTube experience on Android is far superior

Witness protection lol

wow you really hate Apple haha.

That Dynamic Island is bigger than Apple`s to be fair were call it the Dynamic Bar

Not looking good at all

I hope this does not become the new standard regardless even after the fix you sacrifice allot of screen in portrait or landscape mode

Lol. It is shown what is practical and usefull. Full screen vs not so full

just turn it into landscape mode. Problem solved.

Hold up You need to reset your phone for it to work correctly??

I plan to keep my iPhone 13 pro max for a long time

I mean. YouTube problem for updating their app!

It`s really weired..

Blocked and reported

It`s not just the obnoxious size of Apples cutout, it`s also that it sits SO low in the screen. Most Android punch holes are at the very top edge of the screen. Apples punch has quite a bit of space between the top bezel and itself which exacerbates the problem.

This was the case earlier for me as well (left pic) but it automatically got fixed the next day (right pic). New iPhone with advanced dynamic island will fix it

Still disgusting....now tilt it sideways..

Being fair though, this is a Google Problem. They just need to update the app to make it not do this is all. Doesnt do this on my 13 Pro Max so expect it to be fixed soon enough.

"vs what it looks like on a real phone" unreal

It took me a second! Damn! I just watched video on the Apple Watch Ultra! I hope they fix that right away!

New Apple VR headset leaked folks! Update your YouTube app. I had the same issue as YouTube wasnt optimised yet.

Imagine not being able to critical think that its 1 YouTube app update away from being fixed.

Almost mocking iPhone lol

Weird. Ive tried on 2 other 14 Pro models. Same behaviour as mine. All updated to latest iOS 16 + YT app

Nope Hmmm how you seeing that?! Star Treak on the left

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