I never felt PlayStation has tried to get ahead

September 22, 2022, 7:14 am
I never felt PlayStation has tried to get ahead
I never felt PlayStation has tried to get ahead of the game as much as Nintendo and Microsoft (or even Sega) over the years. But one time they did was the PSP Go. Really annoyed I never bought one of those. Was still on the fence about digital back then. Cool device. Got Vita tho

The PS1 wasn`t the first CD console with 3D visuals, but it was the first to succeed. Besides, the PS1 was much more dev friendly than the Saturn and more publisher friendly than Nintendo. They changed the game.

Imagine working in the industry and not saying Sony IS the most innovative. This is literally misinformation at its finest.

I feel you`re going to get a lot of flack for this one, and for a good reason. For starters, Sony`s entrance into the video game market with the original PlayStation was downright revolutionary in several ways.

Selective reading at its finest with these people

No I meant everything else would be a wash between Xbox and PS, thus "edge out" thanks to GP and and Xcloud.

"as much" So I assume you think Xbox edge out Playstation in innovation thanks to gamepass and Xcloud?

I understand the strategic placement of "as much" but bro, cmon lol

I can sell u one. Good price. 14 previous owners. Dm for more details.

psp psv , Psnow cloud on mobile pc and tv , PSVR 1 PSVR 2 and some of the best games in the industry the whole console line up has innovated each generation

I got a Go dirt cheap about a year after they launched. Always regret selling it, even though it was too narrow for my big hands.

"never felt PlayStation has tried to get ahead of the game"....wut?? PlayStation was always the most innovative almost every innovation you see on competition was first patented by PS ...but before creating failed "Wiis and Kinects" ...were testing the ground to be applicable

PSP Go are dumb high in price. I still got mine. put it back in the box. My friend Legit gave it to me when it first dropped cuz he lived on a ranch and u needed internet back then they did not have it out there so he gave it to me lol

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