I saw someone showing his Android phone in public

January 22, 2022, 10:16 am
I saw someone showing his Android phone in public
I saw someone showing his Android phone in public. This generation doesnt have shame at all.

iPhone 6 koraa you pull out

But what u just typed came out of an android phone err.

As if you also dont show your face in public

Mtcheeeeeeew. Is android phone leprosy

What exactly is your point now. Why can`t u just let android users be.

An "android" phone company gave iphone company screens... Don`t forget

Sia eno iPhone with home button you dey use .

It depends which Android

Ad3n Android no bi phone...tsw classic show of misplaced priorities

Theres nothing bad about using an android, honestly I was android user before switching to IOS it all the same cos they literally do the same thing just that one has a higher hype than the other, but it all serves us well at the end of the day

You ankasa you walk in public without shame.

You koraaa, you are showing your face in public, you no dey shy?

Person with iphone 6 don drop quote

U dey use iphone 5s dey talk shid

iPhone 6 users ne deydey

Ah this boy fool oo

N u probably using iPhone X Africans we have nothing but love to show off smh

This guy nor get shame koraa .... When you start dey use iOS ?

Udey sub Android users eii smh apple users also like begging android users for airtime... it`s not good oo

Why is not cell phone

But on a serious note android be good oo

What`s wrong with Android

Allow man to show off small wai

Ahh how can an iPhone 6s user sub Samsung S20 user...

Iphone is not achievement. Relax Yesu

This coming from iPhone 2 user smh

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