I see the Xbox Series X finally got a

January 21, 2021, 3:50 am
I see the Xbox Series X finally got a
I see the Xbox Series X finally got a W. Nice.

The human eye wouldn`t be able to tell the difference unless you have a magnify glass. Nice win for MS though

See I think maybe this is the difference between Sony and MS. These have to go through QA. MS probably preferred the resolution over the ninor drops here and there. Sony probably opted for a more stable frame rate. Whatever the case it isn`t a big deal either way

Gotta give em one at the very least

On paper xsx should have been winning from the start. At the end of the day tho, it wont stop ps5 doing the biz.

Not really a win, it`s more a compromise for a difference, it just makes both versions unique because to attain that higher shadow quality and higher resolution it takes a hit to stability.

Going to start being a reoccurring thing even digital foundry said it

1st of many and a gap opening up as you know

When someone say "a win",that must be put in context,first...what version is,PS4 pro or PS5?,second,did Sony ask to devs to have more resolution or more stable fps? Remember,Hitman 3 must run in PSVR.

You better be in future they gona own own it all

I dont see any reason looking at the game why PS5 couldnt do full 4K. Maybe itll receive a patch.

Why not make a video if it was the other way around you know you would of been all over it

PS5 has better framerate

the tools have arrived Not even a clear win. Its a resolution only win. Not a performance one.

I`m just trying to be nice to Xbox here for once. You know?


Not really tho. PS5 stays locked at 60fps.

Its still good to see though

The diff between 1800p and 4k is imperceptible to the human eye without 800 times zoom lol funny how DF included it in the title when its ps5 its buttered over.

Yep good to see, it would be sad if XSX had a weaker gpu and streaming speed

ps5 is running the ps4 pro version which is why it`s 1800p digital scum foundry failed to mention that. that`s why the ps5 has medium shadows yet the ps5 got the same ultra textures in the so called upgrade, and the 60fps locked unlike trashbox and you`re praising them for this


also the Series X didnt win anything. They have an advantage in resolution and just like the PS5 has an advantage in performance. The fanboys per usual is grasping at straws to justify their price of the X.

Now if the series X could do VR...

Actually this is the 3rd or 4th time series x has gotten a win...cyberpunk 2077 hitman 3 borderlands 3...also...the so called sony "wins" in performance...same thing you gotta pay real real close attention any gain ps5 its incremental at best and barely noticeable. I find it

Unfortunately not because this game is amazing in VR You really should give PSVR a go

I believe they said both PS5 and Series X looks gorgeous. To see a difference between 1800p and 4K youre going to have to zoom in 500%.

The tools are finally working bots will be running with this, so sad!

PS5 60Fps Locked Series X 40-60 FPS

In reality does this ruin peoples experience of the ps5? Is this making people want to buy a series x now?

Its gonna be the trend get use to it

Id expect it would be considering theyre both priced at 450

Assassin`s creed Jedi fallen order Watch dogs legion Mortal kombat

Actually ngl PS got a better deal cause the lower quality is unnoticeable while Xboxs means the frames could dip noticeably in games

I wonder if I can actually notice the graphical difference. Im not buying 2 consoles to find out, but I am curious

Seems DF is credible again?

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