I switched from Android to iPhone today

March 31, 2022, 4:28 am
I switched from Android to iPhone today
I switched from Android to iPhone today. I`ve literally never been so apprehensive about technology. The *only* reason I did was to be able to manage my kids` Apple devices and Facetime with them. Feeling... uneasy. Haha

Samegeneral settings->screentime->their linked accountbiggest parenting lever we own

I switched a few months ago after using Android phones since the G-1, and I have to say I still feel dumb when trying to do simple things for the first time. That being said I don`t regret the move. It was time for something new and I wanted to give iOS a fair shake.

Looking to switch back over to iOS. 99% of what I do on my phone is use basic apps such as Twitter, Discord, Gmail, and SMS. Might as well switch back to iOS which impo had better UX especially for non power users.

Indeed, as the operating system on a child`s electronic device, Android`s child mode is not reassuring and IOS is the only option.

It will be a lovely experience. Except the Combine API; you might find that upsetting.

Get a trial of AppleTV on your iPhone, stream 4k to your TV over airplay. Watch the feeling of unease drift away. As someone who has both phones, and not a fanboy, iPhones are amazing. Be open and give it some time.

Don`t worry, it doesn`t get better with time :)

Exactly. Everything about iOS looks and feels strange and out of my control. I switched mostly because of Apple watch but now i feel Fitbit is faar superior. I can rant on

I did this 2 weeks ago. So far, am not regretting it Miss my Google feed (forget the right term - the one you see after scrolling left) and direct/faster access to control devices at home (lights/temp/etc)

Been using an iPhone for the past year, there`s definitely a learning curve, but I`ve been pretty happy with it. Which one did you get?

FaceTime, airpod/keyboard handoff, kids device mgmt, etc all solid reasons to switch. Im glad that I did.

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