I switched over from android to iphone and I

October 4, 2021, 2:05 am
I switched over from android to iphone and I
I switched over from android to iphone and I know android has a better quality camera but my iphone photos are looking so much crispier n pretty ;o;

I have the S20FE. It is a badass camera

I did the same! I got my first iPhone a few weeks ago and wow!

they all sold out within 2 hours and I didnt order until the 20th, I have to wait 1-2 more weeks. Not living in the US, UK or Canada is pretty shit sometimes.

bit excited for my 13 pro tho, camera on thats gonna be sick. also at least with apple we get decent snapchat quality instead of some weird downscaled pics and 15 fps video LOL

Its super good. I`ll try take a comparison for you in the morning I need to post it in general it is my ultimate hack

I have Android and I use Nightmode to take all my photos/selfies even in daylight There`s a HUGE difference in the sharpness it gives. Its so crisp and high quality

Apple pays Apps like Snapchat and Facebook big money to bring down photo quality from other brands.

If anything i would assume its that apple has better image processing

annoying how compressed android photos get

Depends on the android phone for camera quality, iphone also has good cameras tho

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