I think I`m going to be switching to Pixel

October 9, 2022, 11:37 pm
I think I`m going to be switching to Pixel
I think I`m going to be switching to Pixel. Honestly, the 14 Pro sucks.

14 pro max is the best phone out maybe not specs wise but otherwise definitely

Why do you want New phone if you have a s22u and a fold4? Not trying to sound critical, Im just asking.

Apple Fanboys: So you have chosen death?

I feel the boring bit

Btw, there are things i hate about the pixel, for example: If you turn it landscape in settings app, theres an ugly pitch black space where the notch area is This may not be a bug, but this is a design flaw imo.

The Pixel is literally the iPhone of the Android world. Its vanilla Android. It will also be boring and, if history repeats itself, be buggy as hell for the first 6 months.

Sure - Google Pixel will be free of bugshaha.

My first smartphone was an iPhone 5. Used iPhones for years. Switched to Android last year, no regrets at all. I probably wouldn`t have gone Samsung with my current knowledge, but I was getting so bored of iOS and it`s annoyances. Next phone will be Pixel or Nothing, maybe...

Go for it if u feel that way. I personally wouldnt switch to a Pixel cuz the design is lame and YouTube has gone from bad to worse under Googles care. Im not interested in spending money on a device made by them just so they can screw me over with it as well

This was the year i was gonna make the switch to iPhone but I`m really digging this new Pixel 7 Pro.

Jump to pixel and live life happily ever after . I want to enjoy the rollercoaster rides in my life and don`t want to make random 911 calls in between

Smart move. Save money, get more reliable phone, more customization, etc.

The Pixel is an amazing device, but it will obviously be a bit different, I`d recommend deciding which features you currently use and try to determine how you will use them on the Pixel. But, that call screener (Pixel) is the real deal.

IPhone compares to Toyota. A greater resell value. The products that withstand the test of time.

I prefer the pixel experience as well but iPhone battery life is what has me locked in right now, when I tried the P6P it never lasted me during the day, that was the only downside for me

Shouldve got the max

I have the 14 Pro Max and the Pixel 6 Pro and I love them both. Im waiting for the Pixel 8 Pro.

Lol pixel also sucks. There is 0 innovation in brick style smart phone. All the pixel feature can be later accessed via Google one service. Try foldables for some change in experience.

On iOS 16 since Beta 1 and besides Banking-apps literally no major bugs. Maybe Im using it right.

What`s buggy on the 14 Pro? Gonna make a decision in two weeks, either 14 Pro Max or Pixel 7 Pro.

I was going to switch, but I think google needs more time with the eco system.

Next week you`ll tweet the opposite hoping for more likes

iPhone14 Pro is nothing but a piece of steamy turd Apple iPhone iPhone14Pro

Okay. Give it a try. You will go back to your iPhone after a month anyway.

Holy Best of luck enjoying your Pixel though! My Pixel 5 was the best phone I`ve ever had, vs every Android and iPhone I`ve ever had. Hoping my P7P can top it!

Extreme posts are far from facts. They are just phones

Ive been here, lasted a few months. The allure and shine of something different is hard to resist but calling apple boring is far from the truth. When you leave you realise how good everything works and how refined and beautiful the iPhones truly are

Look folks someone wants attention

If u can live without iMessage then go for it. It`ll be worth it fr

Pixel is fantastic. You`ll enjoy it. Just embrace the iMessage changeover

iPhones are great phones but they have a lot of issues to. I feel they are just a fashion statement anymore

Still waiting Just want to say iPhones is boring and Im switching for likes and RTs What is it specifically that sucks? Genuine question.

See you in a week with Twitter for iPhone under your tweets You know damn well youll be back in a week, dont even waste your time and money on Pixel products. Theyd be a good fit for those who wants to deal with the inexcusable bugs such as calls dropping. Id rather use who cups with strings attached than to sell my soul to Google.

Well the iPhone 14 did come off to a shaky start (pun intended) and iOS 16 was also buggy. needs to make sure this never happens again.

Honestly I have the 6 pro love it getting the 7 pro I stopped with Apple a long time ago they never REALLY listen to people

Any money what? i dont get it why people who want "fun" on a phone, buys an iPhone .. the iphone was never about "fun", its a more like a utility tool. u buy the iphone with your eyes closed or what?

What is it exactly that you think will be exciting on the Pixel? By the way, one should change their device to any brand they want - I just want to know.

I know your in Canada but, do you think the green vs blue bubble thing will affect your switch to Pixel?

Go for it. There is nothing wrong with moving on from a product that displeases you or doesn`t serve your interest.

They might if there is an actual slump in sales. Nothing else seems to get to them.

@textualegg It also did have a hardware issue, when in calls using the ear piece speaker it rattled like crazy & I couldn`t hear the person on the other end unless I use earbuds or switch it to speaker phone. Which I found out a couple days ago.

@textualegg But my experience with the iPhone has been terrible, and that`s the truth. I know some people are going to have a flawless experience, and I`m glad! It`s a great device, but for me it just doesn`t add enough in my life for me to deal with the BS issues I`ve had.

I did it. After using just iPhones for 13 years, I went Pixel. Who knows, if a lot of us do it maybe it will whoop Cupertino`s complacent bum into making great innovative devices again.

Yep. Iphones are boring. I`ve locked myself into the walled garden. Don`t see myself use Android on the daily now tho. Since I`ve installed 16.1 bugs are mostly gone.

I`m currently using a pixel 3 but I`d use an iphone because where I`m from it`s easier to resell than a pixel.. Good Choice though

go ahead, don`t even think twice. my Pixel 7 will be back next week. I can`t wait, my hands will finally rest. after using nothing phone (1), Galaxy S21 Ultra and Pixel 6 Pro, it will be quite a significant change.

Okay, youre a tech reviewer of course not, but all phone are prone to being a bit shitty in the early days before patches iron them out?

Go for it! You might end up really liking it.

wasnt the pixel 6 and 6 pro a buggy mess for the first few months of its release?

What happened, mate?

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