I think @joinClubhouse may be the most social of

January 24, 2021, 10:38 pm
I think @joinClubhouse may be the most social of
I think may be the most social of all the social media apps in the market right now.

I don`t like classic phone calls I prefer text these days which is odd considering I grew up during a time when phone calls were fun & pretty much the only way to communicate outside of sending letters, but I`m intrigued by the clubhouse hype it sounds oddly fun.

Sadly, it`s only in Iphone.

Yes, it`s interesting to me, it rewards those who have high eq

Now if only Id get my invite already...

For now

Well when tech dudes are bragging on Twitter all day long about it...Hard not to be.

Add me !

Man its so good but also a mess. Theres so much growth hacking, hidden selling, self promotion, cliques, etc. Theres ALSO people like you doing some real value adding

Agree. And the fact is not open yet bring another layer of quality. I am excited to have it open to public.

True, just pointing out that the majority of people I`ve seen on the platform are gravitating to situations where it`s "just content" and not as social.

Us normies cant get in, so it always feels like you tech people are just bragging about it online. Not fun for us

Ill have to follow you because as of now I dont see the social part. The townhall today about monetization was interesting though.

Too bad its only for Apple people. They are missing an entire segment of the world not launching on Android yet.

Its crazy how much I loathe being on phone calls but enjoy the clubhouse experience all around...

It makes my introverted heart sing. No pressure networking.

It`s only social if you are getting on the stage. Otherwise, it`s just a webinar.

I`m about to by my first iPhone just to use my invite. It`s truly the next thing.

They got plans for android? Would love to check it out

And it`s unavailable to android users as far as I can tell. Interesting!

Do you have an invite? :o

Its so social that gives me anxiety

Its not even close

I hope it stays and doesn`t go away like Blab.


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