i tried https://t

June 7, 2021, 2:05 am
i tried https://t
i tried

the way you always understand the assignment ***chef kiss*** honestly wish we were classmates

at least it looks somewhat close too bad your shirt got ripped

And failed successfully You look way better then the original tho

i need you in my life

YOURE LITERALLY SO PRETTY OMG love love love the eyes <33

please award me w a new samsung phone mommy You hitting it out the park with your cosplay

Pupb0icarti cosplay museum needs to happen

You succeeded yes I`ll buy a Samsung

u r always a hottie in every Cosplay

Need you so bad

Goo goo ga ga mommy

Why must my eyes lay on such beauty

You two are perfect So gorgeous

Thank you for posting this God you are perfect

bruh these screen shots goin to make me relapse

I assume that you are still plagued by the horny... Just wait until Microsoft hits back with their own 3D Virtual Assistant on Windows 11

esex when im off work? lol

You look really good in a collared shirt


mommy Samsung girl

im on break and i see this.

Wait i thought they said she was supposed to be 17

I never noticed she had an ear ring on her upper right ear till now

Hahaha very quick the attempt

How do you have so many

Maybe Samsungs arent that bad

I may have to switch from my iPhone


Damn it loving the cosplay so much Theyre too quick with all this

As a fellow Samsung user, I approve

sometimes maybe, but sometimes not

So horny I couldnt spell, that or my dyslexia

Hey bro if you need a doormat I`m willing

Wow this is some real good stuff

what a time to be alive


someone is going to hell

when it is my turn to be happy

the images above

Ooooh sooooo lovely cute


You are better than the cell phone itself

You are as beautiful as ever

please take a seat make yourself at home

Sooner or later, my left nut is somehow gonna be turned to a waifu

Damn it stop making me feel things

KEEP GOING BRB hitting the Samsung store. good job although i must point out that her breasts are a lot smaller.

Tried succeeded and won

very hawt very sexc

dw, ill forgive you if you follow back, im funny i swear

Traitor Wait i just noticed the blue tint in your eyes how you do that SHEEESSSHHHH this one is FIREEEE tho!!! new set orrrrr

iPhone dont do anything for me anyways you didnt need to post this but im glad you did

cosplay that for a bag of chips please

Twitter user will enjoy this

You always succeed with great success

Youre always so gorgeous

no need to be sorry my child

the earring shows attention to detail

Just saw the rest of the thread, wtf

Its okay because I like you :)

Twitter for iPhone

SWETT HOLY JESUS Im getting a Samsung rn

You are a need

m-mommy c-can I have some milk

you know what. maybe samsung isnt so bad

...but you look better than her tho

Wait ur the samsung girl can i have a phone plz

i need you in my life

awwhh chucks, time to hit da gym so I dont disappoint She must really like the Cinnabon glaze.

Plz marry me u always look good and make it work


Kick me as hard as possible

Bite me pleaseeeeeeeee

Treat me like a slave

Edited? Still nice. Also my mom just saw this and said you are beautiful hahahaha

I knew there`s a reason why I`m on Samsung. I love your hair.

Holy everyone will definitely have to get a Samsung now you look so damn gorgeous as her

God you look sexy with blue eyes

Youve succeeded. Got that Powergirl swagger.

your tits are too big

Kind of low effort into this one tbh but then again it`s not like you can do much huh lol

thats some nice bajangolas there maam Out here getting the bag. I see you Intersting I thought that was u

Yes and more ! But the real one.

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