I use the iPhone 14 Pro for at least

September 16, 2022, 11:14 am
I use the iPhone 14 Pro for at least
I use the iPhone 14 Pro for at least 50% of the reason I am attracted by the dynamic island animation interaction. I am an animation madman. In my opinion, Samsung`s animation and iPhone`s animation are just like the picturethe gap is too big to compare.

"I am an animation madman" ofc. cats love moving objects

Ok, but then maybe no refer to the dynamic island, just say: Samsung animation: Iphone animation.

What happens if you use the one-handed gesture on iPhone 14 Pro/ProMax? Does the Island go down with the rest of the screen?

I don`t care about animations at all, fun fact i use" reduce animations".

I`m totally locked in with the watch tablet etc

Its not that deep bro

Animation is your obsession....not so with the vast majority of smartphone users.

I just really don`t care about animations I care about what my phone can do

Nobody cares about these things but you

Just f use an iphone stop talking about animations every single tweet

I didn`t buy my S22U because of the animation, it`s because of its excellent camera and unparalleled zoom

cant wait for u to share ur experience on daily life with ur new iphone. im an android user fan but excited to see ur reactions to it !

Cat when would u lay more emphasize on the horrible part off iPhone?

You should consider changing your acc name from "Cat Universe" to "Animation Universe"

I tried to go to Xiaomi this year. Their phone is literally falling apart in my hands so I am going back to Samsung immediately. Bad animations, maybe, but UI is much more pleasant.

Been a samsung user since the galaxy s6. Ive been an Android fan ever since (now on the Sony Xperia 1iv). But man i gotta say, i feel like the iphone 14 pro series is the nail in the coffin for al of Android, and im not talking specific features just as a phone in general.

no dex , no reverse wireless charging, no spen etc. I agree that Samsung`s app animations are not good and they have to be reworked completely. Or just use the android 13 animations that are fantastic on the pixel 6 pro fast and smooth.

Yes animations matter. But there are other things that matter a lot more too. iPhones have good animations but not a proper file system, not multitasking, no background app activities, no periscope zoom, no pro mode, not good homescreen customization (1),

Same here. Love animations

You are not a madman, you are a polarizing man.

you compare her beta? are you kidding us?

My current Samsung phone is last one, I`m going to change to Motorola or iphone 13

That animation is tight, i give apple this one Samsung has the build, Apple has the software.

You seems to be full of funds from apple

you wrote nonsense. Rather than trivial animations for children I prefer multitasking, file manager and quick file transfer. And photos that IPhone users can only dream

It`s going to be copied for sure.

That is why I still miss Windows Phone OS animation. It`s crazy smooth even on low-end devices.

Someone made it for Xiaomi lol

odd days: criticise a 0.15 mm increase in Samsung`s bezels even days: praise a notch

First step when I get new android smart phone disable animation

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