I`ve been playing Deathloop for the past week

September 13, 2021, 2:16 pm
I`ve been playing Deathloop for the past week
Ive been playing Deathloop for the past week. Its really damn good. The marketing makes the game look a lot worse than it actually is but it might be my favourite game this year so far.

Could we see a let`s play of the game on your amazing channel Sean please?

Are you doing a walk-through on YouTube?

Is it your game of the year?

>reads comments< Deathloop sales are about to skyrocket thanks to breakout Irish Youtuber Jacksepticeye! (Did yall know he was Irish?!)

Bro can u play it again but record it It sounds fun! I`m glad your enjoying games on your off time

On a completely unrelated note, your tweet appeared and Sarias Song began playing on my phone. Seems about right

What`s your rating Jack? 1-10?

are you going to play life is strange 3 jack?

Just checked out the trailer, and the aesthetics of the game look amazing. Not sure of the gameplay since I`m not big on shooters, but my interest is peaked, ngl

Will def add to the "check it out" list!

What do you think makes it stand out among all the other releases from this year?

I feel like many trailers fail to properly get across the intriguing intricacies of a game because trailers are expected to be short and flashy

New video where? Need some good ol` memetime

Hm, I was interested but turned off by the marketing. Hearing this makes me reconsider

WHAT IS THIS SORCERY Stream it on twitch

Hey dude the new life is strange game got released, do you think u are going to do a let`s play on the channel?

Funny Irish man says its good therefore I may buy it

Glad you`re having fun

Would you say you`ve been playing it, ON LOOP?!

"Deathloop"? More like Deathtothemarketingteam ! Am I right fellas??

It piqued interest at the first mention. Hope you have a great time playing this game

Its seems like it has a good story but your Right jack the trailers dont do it justice.

Wow, Im just waiting for the preorder to be unlocked

I heard you`re not playing the new life Is Strange. That`s a shame

will there be a video soon? or a meme time? I am very memetime deprived...please? Yo I actually cant wait to see you play god of war GodOfWarRagnarok If u come back

worse marketing than void train?

I`m so excited for this game. Loved every single arkane game and I don`t think I`ll be disappointed in this one

I don`t have time to play any game :(

In this day and age marketing can make or break a game

Oh thats awesome

i hope you`re having a good day !!

Hey Sean, are you considering playing Metroid dread? I think you might like the breadcrumb-like storytelling of metroid games.

Yea it`s a good game but cant wait until god of war ragnorok comes out and spider man 2

I don`t think the trailers looked too bad. It reminds me heavily of Dishonored, to a certain extent, would that be accurate to your experience?

I`ll definitely have to check it out pretty soon!

Tbf Arkanes previous games Dishonored 2 & Prey 2017 didnt get a lot of marketing and those were damn good games too. With their new exclusive Xbox deal I guess PlayStation gave them one last hurrah.

Ooo kinda wish I could see your play through, but also 100% understand that you need games for YOU, not the channel, so I get it. But Im glad you found something fun!!!

What is death loop about

That`s really high praise, I`m glad you`re enjoying it! Is it on Steam? Maybe I`ll give it a try

I am glad it is! Proud of everything you have accomplished Sen!!!

Im super excited for wolverine, insomniac has smashed spiderman so far and im so glad they are making wolverine too!

Did you get a preview? Cause it hasn`t launched yet

Maybe I`ll try it

I thought the trailer in the PlayStation showcase did a good job. But if thats the case, then its even better.

That`s the best review I`ve heard of the game so far :// definitely a steep price though. Is it really worth the price tag?

can u play fortnite

I`ve seen a bit for it. Was really drawn by the Geindhouse style of it.

Big parts of what makes deathloop enjoyable are the stealth and discovering clues on our own ways. Shooting and full blown actions are heavily emphasised on most of its marketing, making it looks generic for a lot people. Great to see the reviews do this game justice

Ngl this tweet broke my phone for a good 30 seconds

Are you planning on posting a YT video maybe? We would love it :)

Haven`t heard of it. What kind of game is it? Might have to check it out

Ill play it whenever I get my hands on a PS5

Is it going to be a new lets play??

Great to know the game I`m pretty excited is good!

That sounds like a great game. Probably won`t play it.

Sounds like its definitely worth a shot then

do you think youre close to finishing? ive considered buying it but im on the fence

the 9 games that make me up as a person today are 1. kingdom hearts, 2. the spongebob squarepants movie game, 3. jade cocoon 2, 4. super mario world, 5. bakugan (2008), 6. pokemon platinum (ds), 7. minecraft, 8. five nights at freddys, 9. undertale

Ok I`ll definitely try it out when it comes out on PS plus then. Thanks

I feel like you would be awesome at creating a game. You know them so well, would you ever think about something like that?

Wow! Im might have to play it soon then! Sounds fun :)

My copy arrived today, a day early!!! Im so hyped to play

Youre my favorite game so far

Been considering getting it, is it really that good?

Ooo new game time then?

I read that as he was practicing his death drops the amount of times i hear the ad at work and me and my boss just go deathlOoOoOoOop when it comes on makes me want to play it tbh

Advice from Sean

Awesome!! Glad to see youre having fun

I`m so happy it`s getting good reviews, Arkane Studios just never miss

Well thats good! As long as your having fun and enjoying it!

Glad you`re having fun!

I pulled an all nighter

will u play the new life is strange? kinda miss you bro

On my hands and knees begging for Life is Strange True Colors

*patiently waiting for life is strange true colours*

Are you going to play the new life is strange?

Well thats always a plus!

Is it 60 dollars good?

just came to say im proud of ya buddy ily

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