I`ve used TV Show Favs religiously for years

May 31, 2021, 6:32 pm
I`ve used TV Show Favs religiously for years
I`ve used TV Show Favs religiously for years. Really disappointing that the dev decided to call it quits. Haven`t found a replacement yet, still testing the alternatives.

Haha I have used it every damn day for years, talked to the dev, updated the data source and gotten friends to use it so I have appreciated it very much. And I can understand the dev, one big reason for stop working on it is the backend uses thetvdb, he needed to replace ->

I`ve used Seriesguide for years now, works great

I`ve used SeriesGuide for years.

SeriesGuide by far the best on Android. Especially the widget. Tv Time the best on iOS.

Try TV Time. I stopped using favs for it over a year ago. I have installed them all and nothing is as simple but still full of the features I need... Will probably end up using trakt and wait for the android app, I like the iOS app they just released. Wish I could filter out all movies tho I hate 10 star rating systems so can`t use it

What about Trakt ? Use it for years and never disappointed me so far (great integration with Kodi, Netflix on browser and a lot of other services)

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