I wanted to test this

July 11, 2022, 3:39 pm
I wanted to test this
I wanted to test this. And was right.

Can confirm its true.

Its because Google wants to try to make iPhones look slow when they get the opportunity to. iPhones are always faster at everything else.


my iphone x on ios 16 b3 complited in 14 sec

Use Cercube YouTube

But apple apps feel slow too

Why does my iPhone download it 10x faster? Hold up, was this on a 5G Wi-Fi connection?

The devices are on wifi. This could just be how your router and devices are using bandwidth. Not a fair way to test at all.

do people still use that download feature on youtube

Hows the s22 ultra though?

anddd that downloading works in background on Androids.

Probably apple is restricting the modem speed to save battery

I think you answered your own question. Apple, Google & Microsoft always make their own Apps work better on their own platforms. MS Office has always been better on Windows than Mac, but not because of Apple.


its common apple always promote their own and let down competition by self

Think of PIP in YouTube on iOS (without having to use Safari). A specific example of a feature Google restricts on iPhones. Then again, some Google Apps actually have extra features on iOS compared to the Android versions (which seems backwards). So who really knows.

Now for the million dollar question: Do you think this has to do with iOS or Android or with how Google codes the App for each platform?

Facts lol always an excuse

Lol i know I love impersonating the apple fan boys lol

You cheated

Wow. Imagine being able to film to flagship phones with a third one just to prove a point about download speeds relatable

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