I will rather eat with a mad person than

February 2, 2022, 11:14 am
I will rather eat with a mad person than
I will rather eat with a mad person than to use Android phone. Apuu

So should tweet the same against how you go feel?

With this your munkum face yi de3 i wonder if Apple would allow their face ID to register this your y3y3 face wanim bawee s3 sudan fo) amane

Good bless you for your words soo sweet.. Okay! Everything you do will be a blessing Say Amen

Man is using iphone 6 but want to compete with someone using samsung s21 ultra

Twitter will humble you

And that mad person is far better than u

Kwasia kasa sei, the iphone you dey use, has it given you money or it make you more intelligent? Mtcheeew

Eiii iPhone 6s and Samsungs new model which one will you choose

imagine someone is using iphone 6 or 6s and another person dey use Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra can you even boast about your iphone chale stop it

Are you better than android phone users. Try Samsung

New money don enter ya hand just tell us say u don buy iphone

If u ever use android b4 den mad woman born you

Na Idroid baba dey use I guess with your picture like oil establishment

We hear you fine boo

U already look mad already

My flend go and sit somewhere wai

Ignorance is a bliss.

I now know the reason why Ghana should build more asylum hospitals because some people are phycologicaly unstable

What`s the difference between you and the mad person

Elef small you go reach mad man status

Kwasea no bi iPhone 6s u dey use? Jon

Low key, no be everybro dey love iPhone

E be why even adwoa smart dey talk say you no be in class: You dey eat plus mad people.

We have android that does better than IOS product... I am open for battle tho...

We are glad you still support your people

To whoever needs to hear this, but your iPhone screen is manufactured by Samsung, including your flash and your DRAM chips. How you process this data is up to you.

Your Forehead shows that you can do it

I have an Android phone I`m using and my account balance is not bad so I`m ok

May God forgive you

You see your life...you`re using iPhone 4 to type this nonsense.

Says by a mad man with only 50 followers

It`s all fun and games till your dream come true..

I just checked if i was following you and thank God i was not .Trash talk !!!

So youre telling me this pic was taken with an iPhone? Check the mirror first u actually look like madman . My Xiaomi 11 pro is $778.99. ego and pride will kill most of this iPhone users talking as if is up to 3yrs that he started using iPhone

Ur face like charging port

Iphone never means u hv made it in live bro, some of u use iphone buh still beg money for data bundle... Meanwhile Iphone isn`t the expensive phone in the world

I would rather use a brand new android than to use a refurbished/UK used iPhone

I uses to say this until my iPhone finally got spoilt

This guy never dey tweet sense

Relax, youre just a boy with iPhone youve not made it in life

Heerh .. the guy has really insulted we the Android users

But bro you too why..this one de3 e b too much

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