If Google want ppl to care about Android Tablet

January 29, 2022, 6:39 pm
If Google want ppl to care about Android Tablet
If Google want ppl to care about Android Tablet development, Split the tablet OS out and develop it separately. Because the tablet OS needs to go in a different direction vs the mobile os.

Folks said the same thing you said about Chromebooks when comparing windows and macos laptops marketshare. Samsung has been making tablets since 2011 and Chrome tablets just debuted in 2018 in education as a platform it`s demand grows 4% annually. Give it time...

@MrTekfinity Either way, I feel like it`s far too late for Google to focus on Android tablets. If they do want to focus on Android tablets, they might as well split out the development. Android tablets need actual focus and not focus of a goldfish

@MrTekfinity 3% to 26% since 2019 to now

@MrTekfinity Now with that being said based on rumours Fushia maybe the future, but right now that`s unknown. We don`t know what more Samsung can do with Fuchsia vs Android. I would like to see Samsung take another step towards hybrid desktop level experience.

Android OS on tablets is a losing strategy IMO. Most will not overlook the shortcomings of Android tablets like most of us do for Android mobile devices. If Google wants to wants any relevance in the tablet market, then Chrome or Fuchsia are the only answers.

Yeah but they can Optimise android apps for chromeOS and itll be a very good tablet OS

@TechWhirlUlt To add arm chips on chromeOS has been hit or miss based on what the guys at chrome unbox are showing. The 7c suppose to be a mid range chip and performs closer to a lower tier chip. Mediatek just put out a new chip but no real information is out on it yet.

@TechWhirlUlt Also everyone doesn`t like Chrome. And Android app on chrome has been janky and scattered. Either u have apps on there u want or u don`t. Also I know they have the new ArcVM for the apps but we almost approaching a year since it been developed and it still hasn`t been released

There have always been caveats that have allowed them to skip out on actually adding it such as having to be on a specific Linux kernel or only if the device actually launched with that version of Android. So we`ll see if this year they finally add everything.

Virtual A/B no longer requires full duplication of the system so it`s not an excuse anymore. It basically copies the difference into a small part of storage and copies it into memory on boot. If it boots & everything is fine the changes are applied if it doesn`t they`re reverted.

Or maybe just use chromeOS?

@LinkofHyrule89 with google. Regarding the A/B partition, im not really worried about that with Samsung devices. Because you already lose a considerable amount of storage anyways at boot

Supposedly there will be a Pixel Fold but we`ll see. Honestly, I don`t have a lot of interest in it the tech still isn`t there imo. Maybe in another 3 or 4 years, it will be.

@LinkofHyrule89 and because of that lack of vision, rely on other to make a product category better. Android 12L for me is coming due to Samsung and Microsoft.

@LinkofHyrule89 Foldable took them 2 years to get in the games. Me if I`m an OEM, I would want my partner to put out the tools I need before I put out a product and not afterwards. Google seems more reactive vs proactive.

@LinkofHyrule89 *mean android tablets not laptops

I would say I was disappointed Microsoft went with Amazon for Android Apps on Windows 11 but I can`t say it wasn`t surprising. But I wonder how many people are going to even use it, to begin with. I think PWAs are more suited for laptop/desktop setups than Android apps anyways.

@LinkofHyrule89 Then you have the leading PC platform, Leading mobile platform, and ChromeOS all working towards the same goal of expanding android. But google to resistant to that. Which is why they put play game on windows instead of the app store. They are too resistant.

I guess my main argument would be most of the time you`re on the web browser and full desktop Chrome is better since it supports extensions and other features. But if all the Android apps work mostly the same there`s not a huge disadvantage. I think you`re mostly losing Widgets.

@LinkofHyrule89 Also I think that ChromeOS is Google`s desktop experience. I don`t think its everyone. Everyone is starting to push more Android laptops following the roadmap Samsung set to provide more of a laptop experience. which is expanding the market faster

I`m pretty sure for the most part the same developers aren`t working on the same projects. I think the whole point of Android 12L was to focus on foldables and tablets. So we`ll see what happens with it. I`m not running it on my device since it seems pointless on my phone.

@LinkofHyrule89 Also im guessing some product lead stated they are focusing on Tablets. But obviously Android Tablet need that focus. So if it cause fragmentation internally. I think its for the best. like when apple split off Ipados. Because tablets are going into a different direction.

While I see where you`re coming from I would argue Android needs less fragmentation not more. Honestly though. You`re better off getting a Chromebook than an Android tablet imo but I think it just depends on your use case. Also, arcvm needs to be rolled out ASAP.

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