If i have to buy a flagship phone which

April 4, 2022, 3:57 am
If i have to buy a flagship phone which
If i have to buy a flagship phone which one it should be expect S22U ?

I guess you can try iqoo 9. Not se or pro. The only 9 version.

Sorry to hear

The xiaomi 12 pro, the op 10 pro, the iPhone 13 pro

I would suggest u the legendary NOKIA XR20 5G Jokes aside and I will suggest u the Pixel 6 or S22

OnePlus 10 pro or wait for ultra

Asus. Other than samsung and the giants, Asus is a decent company making smartphones with good camera and clean software. They get updates and they get better. The performance is top notch even on midrange phones, so flagships are definitely heavy performers.

S21fe or s21 ultra

Update on Vivo phone ?

The new pixel is an absolute masterpiece

S22 or OP 10 pro

Ok, the biggest question simply is, what matters most to you, for instance what style of photography, display, fingerprint, battery life, features? And so on.

. BTW bro is suggesting a flagship which we can`t afford

S22 Ultra is best

You should rather wait for upcoming smartphones Realme GT 2Pro Nothing Phone 1 Vivo X Note/ Vivo X80 series OnePlus 10 Pro Ultra

BladPlus 10 Piro

Bro i suggest u iqoo 9 pro

Wait for nothing 1 that seems to be good on paper despite the overhype. Not sure about camera tho. You can also go with samsung s21 series. Or maybe oppo or a OnePlus. These are the ones with decent software. Otherwise you can always get vivo iqoo and Xiaomi phones

X70 Pro Plus(Chinese variant) or Find X5 Pro

But why did you say except s22 ultra??? sir

Well as of now S22U is the most stable android flagship out there baaki iPhone iPhone hai aur Pixel me S22 ultra se zyada heating issues hain plus service centres ka bhi scene hai.

Buy ultra i just love this phone

definitely Pixel 6 Pro if it`s officially sold in my country, else 13 Pro Max.

Definitely Google Pixel 6 Pro undoubtedly

iPhone 13 Pro Max is u want the Ultra/Super phone if that is a thing now. If not, just a flagship, get the S22+/iPhone 13 You`ll be way fine with these

Mine fav S22+ ultra is too large

I would say the new moto edge 30 pro. Its a very good phone for its price. Other than that pixel 6 pro. Its best, only con is no service presence in india

Pixel 6 pro.. the end of the list...

U have vivo x70 pro plus,mi 11 ultra and pixel 6 pro, so I will now suggest oppo find x5 pro Ofc excluding samsung and apple Also excluding oneplus there`s no point,oneplus is just trash now they can`t improve their mistakes

Go for S22 plus

i would go for OnePlus 9 pro. it is available at 50k(effective price) at that price it is great pick. i heard that all the heating issues that were there are resolved by OnePlus through software updates.

Micromax In 2b.

Just wait for nothing phone (1) ......

I guess xiaomi 12 pro because i just love the design

Personally the other option in this scenario would be the pixel 6/pixel 6 pro for me

13 Pro Max. Say no to chinese.

If you can manage, PIXEL 6 PRO, forever (until pixel 7 pro).

Either Pixel 6 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Wait for X80 or Pixel 7

NOKIA 3310......top notch display, biggest battery, need not to talk about build quality, in every second you will get latest second`s security patch update.. its camera is just out of this world...go for it .

It`s time for 12 ultra

One plus 10 pro with bend feature

Pixel 6 pro if you can manage to get it in India.

Is there a `jugad` to get the Mi 11 Ultra

Moto edge 30 Better value to money

If you want flagship level update then pick any Micromax device;-)

If you expect S22U, its gonna be S22U.

Wait for the upcoming Vivo ones ig? Or the iQOO 9 Pro maybe. If you want to go all out, then the S22U. OnePlus 10 Pro is a joke!

Xiaomi 12X... I think it one of the best phone if you are looking for curved screen with compact design.

No other choice than imported pixel 6 pro... I literally don`t believe in any brands other than Samsung and Google when it comes to flagship (even midranger :D)

iPhone 13 Pro or Pixel 6

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