If I move from Android to iPhone for the

September 28, 2022, 5:39 pm
If I move from Android to iPhone for the
If I move from Android to iPhone for the first time - how much will I regret it?

i was forced to switch to iPhone after 20 years of andriod, after 6 months it`s still a disaster. don`t switch!

Its just the spirit. It happened to me as well. I couldnt go back.

Android is the best!

U wont regret it tbh, Apple will feel better but it wont be a massive upgrade or downgrade

It looks like youve had some decent feedback tbf! I switched from iOS to A and hated it. Couldnt wait to get back. If you dont care about the much talked about customisation offered by android then basically IOS will be ideal. It just works. And thats all I want.

No regrets at all !!!

Always swap from year to year . And both are fine . If you just use well know social media , Spotify , email , calls , sat nav ect. They isnt much in it . I have found a slight preference to Apple as I think the well know apps take there platform more serious .

its the sd card slot that stops me switching and only a handful of androids still have it...

True, FPL is 90 times better on a browser. Very few know.

Hey Andy, greetings My GF recently went from Android to iPhone. Now we have been using Android like forever, but since switching over she tells me there are small facets which iPhone does much better than Android. (1/n)

You will revert in 1 day or less if more I will pay you 500 pounds

Ios16 is fantastic. I switched to Apple this year and Im loving it. Apple and Android are kinda meeting each other in the middle, so not a big deal either way really.

I have both work is apple, mine is Samsung. Apple usability is sooo easy, does it all for you. Security can be annoying. If your lazy and loaded... Apple does it all. If you break a screen (which is easy..made of biscuits), prepare to remortgage your home.

I would say this isn`t an iPhone Vs android phone debate and more about the infrastructure behind each. I`m a big YouTube, YouTube music, Google maps, calender, Gmail etc user (I think all of these together are better then any other offering) so naturally an android phone suits

Thinking of doing that this winter, very scared of losing the flexibility of Android.

I think iPhone would be better for you then Andy. Ive had iPhones for 10 years now and havent thought about swapping to Android.

NONE, best decision Ive made

2 things under my consideration (a heavy user) when choosing what phone to buy: 1.budget:a phone should never exceed a months income minus basic expenses 2.SOC,OS,and UI combined:clear winners are apple and samsung rn, but the chineses are catching up

Im iPhone user for quite a long time and I would never swap it to Android.

I use iphone 13 and a mid range android at the same time, and can safely say ( atleast for me) android even at mid range beats iphone.

Cant say I miss anything by using iPhone but have never used android so dont know what I miss

Quite simple really; The thing actually works all the time and you do not have to work in IT support department to figure it out.

The best thing about having an iPhone is saying has anyone got a charger and not having to follow it up with an android charger. And also that people will have one.

I would say half the Android hate comes from people probably using their last android phone about 6 years ago just saying. Both are amazing and both are better than the other in certain areas. It`s just whatever you prefer to use really.

That will be like selling Maguire and getting Cancello

You can go for the I phone for the best camera experience. Else new Moto G30 Ultra for superfast changing and stock android.

Biggest shock will be lack of customization and how hard Apple pushes their products.

iPhone is pretty user friendly. My technological challenged dad adjusted just fine. Funny, he asked me if the FPL players money was something I was really spending

You wont. Everything just works.

Keep in mind, once you start using an iPhone, there is no going back

You wont regret it

As much as those who sign Solanke this GW

iPhone is the best all-round phone. Android is the best niche phone. So if you want a good phone that covers everything...go for iPhone. But if you want a phone that specialises in something specific...go for Android. In football terms, iPhone is Messi & Android is Ronaldo.

You will regret for few days but eventually you will find iphone way better than android but dont use both at the same time.

It`s fun for thr first week. Then it gets real old real quick

it`s like moving from Haaland to Havertz.

You might as well have asked about Salah vs KDB

I am an iPhone user for almost a decade now and I can tell that its performance is excellent but, and thats a big but, android is better, Samsung S series which my brother use, iPhone is yet to update their features according to the generation

Only thing youll regret is the time youve been using an Android

Look, use an iPhone if you have a budget that good but if you are going to use an android , that too for semi professional work , grab a one plus

apple is seen to be better because of the ecosystem. everything connects so effortlessly and everything they sell is beneficial in one was or another. also ios is far better than the android thing

There are quite a few apps that are Android only as iPhone are extremely restrictive with what they let on their app store btw

Apple >>>>. I`ve got multiple Apple devices which helps due to the infrastructure and I would not switch to Android. Ever.

Don`t do it mate. Last iPhone I had was the 7. Been Samsung ever since & couldn`t be happier! The S22 Ultra is simply mega!!

In short, for your use case, You won`t regret the switch to Iphone. But which ever you go, go with the flagship. Pixel 7 pro when it launches, or Iphone 13/14 pro.

A whole lot andy , dont succumb to the Apple devils.

Ah to be fair I`m just a grump was more for music n stuff years ago pre Spotify for downloading, having to use iTunes rather than put straight on, prob make no odds to me these days, just annoy me they have to have their own chargers

Absolutely nothing. Did it last fall. Insanely worth it if you`re using other mac units

Yes you can on any PCmy experience was Apple >Android>Apple. Hated ithated that I didnt get updated on launch day mostlywent back to Apple almost immediately. You are more locked in but its a happy lock Im not a bad one! It just works.

It could take time to get used to, you may regret it at first but you`ll eventually grow into it

iPhone will feel simpler to use. I wouldn`t buy an Iphone unless Security and Camera is my priority. Lack of Third Party app sucks alot though which is something alot of Android users miss when switching to Iphone

literally did it today

iPhone by far. Its a beautiful product Andy!

Not at all! From a design and usability perspective Id say iOS is better at almost everything. Youll miss out on a bit of customisation but even now iOS is getting better with that!

Did you captain Dennis last season? Imagine if you Triple Captained him

I moved from iPhone to Samsung and although I personally prefer Samsung... iPhone is still a high quality phone. They`re the best on the market. Samsung is more innovative with flip phones etc but new iPhone looks great too.

Fair play but in that case I`d save the cash

I made the move a few years back. Apple just works so much better.

I did the same recently. Was extremely anti iPhone but can say its the best thing I did. Flawless IOS and perfect for twitter, sports related apps etc

No regrets at all, moved 5 years ago never looked back

I`ve been android life long.. but I`m contemplating a switch to iPhone too. Hope I don`t regret it!

You wont regret it

In the very beginning, you might feel regret, but after a few weeks, you`ll love it. I used both devices, but over-time I found myself using the iPhone exclusively. I personally found apps just work so much better on iOS.Look and feel on iOS is also much better IMHO

I dont get what is the problem with that picture? Am I missing something? Its just a phone screen with apps

Think of it like this - iPhone = set and forget, Android = Wildcard week

I tried moving away from Apple to a HTC and then a Samsung. I found them so comically bad, I would never, ever go back. I can`t believe people use them. Example: My Samsung camera would always start blurry. Official advice from their team: shake the phone to clear the bluriness.

1/ I would argue ..As much as a Barcelona fan would regret never having signed It wouldnt be the same team & wouldnt have been capable of achieving the results & the same brilliant moments we have immortalised without him.

Be like transferring Haaland out and watching him score a hat trick the next day

You wont. iphone easier to navigate and a cleaner interface

Me too,the iPhone is the one for you!

Don`t do it loser

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