If only they didn`t give up all those years

January 28, 2022, 8:26 pm
If only they didn`t give up all those years
If only they didn`t give up all those years ago, we`d be years ahead by now.

It`s fine they make good quality apps for iOS... Why the hell they make their own company apps laggy

Idk this doesn`t tell me they investing in Android tablets rather than the tablet form factor. This is why they have ChromeOS mirroring the feature they placing in Android 12. But ChromeOS can handle multi desktop support and multi monitors

I always thought the Motorola Atrix was the formfactor of the future of computing. I`m not sure why Google won`t add and hasn`t added Chrome OS to Android, and use it like Samsung dex. I`m hoping if Fuchsia OS is the successor of Android, it comes with this kind of feature.

I also believe this and if the iPad and recent acceleration of updating hardware and software is any indication apple also believes this!

I think Google problems are its developers. They care more about iOS than Android.

Agreed. They should have never given up on it. Look how long it took Apple for the iPad to really catch on.

When will they come out with an Android equivalent to iPadOS. I think that`s when things will get serious.

They have so clear goals and strategy, right? Same as Microsoft. Windows means nothing to us. Windows is the core of our business. Windows is dead. We care about Windows because users care about Windows.
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