If you are very close to me, you are

September 16, 2021, 4:28 pm
If you are very close to me, you are
If you are very close to me, you are either getting 1. iPhone 2. Rolex Or 3. Gold from me as a birthday gift. Then sometimes Samsung Phone. Nothing more

Wahala for who no be ur close friend

Yessir I`m close to you in the spirit oooo My birthday is next month on the 11th Sha be preparing my own gift

How can I close to you boss you see that IPhone I need it for my work aje I don`t mind if I can get it

Where are they filling closeness form abeg

How can I send CV for new sister

Na Boy I be Eda kun sir I got dey Wait

Show us how to come closer chief

You have started again o. Na so so laugh I dey always get from you

I don`t need of these . Just buy what I`m selling , maybe for your followers. My ram jerky is hygienically made & a bit spicy and very fresh & yummy.

Na iPhone I want abeg Make I still get iphone

How can I be close to you sir ? My birthday is in 2 weeks time

I pray I get to this stage and beyond, for my friends and families.

Boss shebi I dey close to you nah my birthday na Nov 23 abeg get me iPhone too boss, I never use iPhone before

Iphone 13 pro is okay for me

Im close to you mentally sir

I don try my best many times to get close to you... But seems is not enough Like U Are Just Unpredictable Young Man With A Heart Of Gold I don`t mind the IPhone Or Samsung Jah Bless You bro

Hope the form is still out?

Lemme be close to u sir

I can do my birthday again please

Wow....and my birthday is fast approaching

Car nko, I like cars o

Abalajo! So, because we are not close, that`s why I`ve been using Android

When should I apply for closeness. phone is what I need. can`t even snap with this one am using cos the camera is faulty and the phone is acting crazy too .

In Shaa Allah. Am I close to you Sir?

Those that are close like me but not very close wats are gift boss?

Hw can get close to you cos is next year tin

Wahala for who no dey close to you

Or lemme just be your personal assistant PA..

Let me be close to u boss

My birthday is next month

I want to be very close to you sir

Before next year, we will be like water and garri

Can I get close to you against next year?

How does 1 get a slot to this table? Asking not for the birthday gifts but cos you`re cool. But I no mind birthday gifts once in a while sha

How person wan take close with you like this. When I no be mrsfly. And my birthday is coming up

This your tweet sweet me sha

What`s my position because my birthday is December.

Draw me closer na bros

How I fit take there close to you bayi?

Na that number 1 I need most now...i know apple is your lifestyle

How can I get close to you pls

So only those very close to you sir. M

What can I do to be close?

If I come close to you, u fit show me how to put food on table

How can I get close to you sir ? How can I be close to you Alhaji, my birthday is kuku coming up next month and my phone is acting up. I think that Samsung phone will be okay

Abi I need to move closer

Hummmmmm it`s well insha Allah

Am i not your close friend again

How can I get close to you boss ??

How can we be close Mr Fly Where can I get a friendship application form abeg?

If I come close to you, you go show me way? But you don`t give me anything for my birthday gift I no you can do it please let me change my phone you too much agba firiyoyo

Wahala for who no close to you Egbon my regards to madam sha

Let`s renew our closeness, the previous update don expire.

I should be close then

Am I close to you?

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