If you asked me last year that is it

December 19, 2021, 9:07 pm
If you asked me last year that is it
If you asked me last year that is it a great financial decision to spend 400$ on a watch i would have definitely said NO NOT AT ALL but here am i using an Apple watch For about 8 months and no cap it is by far one of the best tech products i have purchased this year.

Stop lying to these people lmao I bought the series six & sold it three months after having it

Bro r u using series 6?

I do agree a good smartwatch brings a lot of quality of life improvements

Ive been a lot fitter thanks to my watch too (not an AW tho)

Agree! Just wish battery life was a bit better. But I just turn off Always-On and that gives me much better battery.

For $130 you would get a more advanced fitness smartwatch with a 3 week battery. Amazfit GTS 3.

I have lost over 15kg in just 2 months and my watch played a major role in this journey thats why i posted this apple watch appreciation tweet haha.

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