“If you have a simple in-app purchase for a

February 1, 2021, 9:19 pm
“If you have a simple in-app purchase for a
If you have a simple in-app purchase for a small app you do it with StoreKit. If you have anything even fractionally bigger, you do it with it`s not even a discussion any more.

Compared even to what TestFlight was before the acquisition, Apples version of TestFlight is a poor substitute and has been slow to improve. Before the acquisition tester management and groups were so much easier to use and more powerful.

You all may be right. But remember TestFlight. Despite being cross-platform, Apple bought them & promptly dumped Android support. With one purchase, Apple got improved infrastructure & denied the same to Android. It was a good strategic move. Same might be true of RevenueCat.

@DazeEnd The projects that data scientist works on, will benefit all developers using RevenueCat, from small indies like me, right up to our biggest customers. I get to use the same battle-tested infrastructure, view the same charts, etc. as the biggest apps on the App Store.

@DazeEnd Even for developers that are iOS-only, were building tools that will help them more efficiently run their businesses. For example, were currently hiring a data scientist. And what excites me so much about that is that as a customer *I* get a data scientist too!

@DazeEnd I think a lot of people underestimate RevenueCat because they think about us as just makes StoreKit easier. That well go out of business if/when Apple and Google make major improvements to IAP billing. But thats honestly a long-shot, and not really that big of a risk anyway.

My dream is one day, setting up a sub in an app would be as easy as paid up front is. If I were managing that team, Id write that as a goal on the whiteboard, tell the team they have six months, and walk out of the room.

Agreed. I think Apple should continue to improve subscription management right into StoreKit for iOS/Mac only apps. And third-party solutions like RevenueCat can continue to provide multi-platform and spin up your own server support for those who want it.

@DazeEnd So even if Apple made StoreKit dead simple to use, and Google did the same for their billing tools, cross-platform developers would still have to then build out a bridge between the platforms (including the web) and then build integrations, charts, and other tools we provide.

Honestly, its a shame that IAP is still so complicated. It shouldnt be. I hope that, eventually, Apple wises up to that fact and acquires It would be better for everyone.

Yeah makes sense!

3/ Seeing as a customer how much time and hassle saved us convinced me to join the company. And ~18 months later its such a thrill to see that the Swift Community agrees, choosing RevenueCat over some really amazing third-party services.

What were you struggling with?

2/ I mean, this is exactly why I joined ~18 months ago. We were struggling with our subscription infrastructure in both and wasting so much time that shouldve been spent on features and bug fixes that our customers actually cared about.

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