If you noticed earlier Xiaomi, Oppo etc has increased

July 9, 2021, 9:39 am
If you noticed earlier Xiaomi, Oppo etc has increased
If you noticed earlier Xiaomi, Oppo etc has increased pricing of their phones now Samsung Galaxy A12, M02s, F02s price also increased. Guess everyone is changing the pricing structure now... I guess the era of super aggressive priced mid-range phones is ending now.

I think after few years,, may be 2 or 3. We will not b abel to buy good phones, or may b tech changes and smthng new take place of mobiles. Who knows,?

Can You Suggest A phone with Good Display Good Camera Good Processor ( 5G ) Around 40K It is better to use budget iphones ranging from 40k -55k like iphone xr,iphone 11 and iphone 12 mini

I would say increase in petrol prices which leads to transportation costs and semi conductor shortages which led to huge increase in price.........* This is just an assumption

And there i thought that Samsung Galaxy A12 was already pretty overpriced

There is a severe semi conductor shortage so this was mostly expected. Some launches also getting delayed.

Pls suggest a phone for my mother, she is a basic user. How about f22 samsung

I think these price hikes are reasonable. There is a global increase in costs. Everything, including raw materials and shipping, is costlier these days. Most OEMs are increasing component prices. Also, an increase of 500-1000 is acceptable. Nothing to fuss abt, IMHO.

2019 was by far the best year in terms of phone prices and models

Totally agree with you sir.. when redmi note 7 series and realme 3 pro were launched...

With the prices increased, will they let go of some bloatware in their OS? Ethics

Micromax too increased the price of the In Note 1 when the In 1 was launched

just like the 10K segment vanished for which we used to get great devices like redmi note 4,3 etc. This will also vanish

From one end they are increasing the price and from another end they are installing bugs and unwanted apps in the name of "Software Update". .

And also base variants of some smartphones are showing not available and might be brands are pushing ther customers to buy higher variants..

This is good news.

TV prices increased by 25%

This is because they are getting a lot of money from sales because of bgmi being released on android only for now

The ideal mid-range is shifting towards mid 30s now a days.

True. But still I don`t think the mid-range pricing one is coming to an end. I`m pretty sure there are going to be many phones with aggressive pricings this year too. (Just my opinion, not sure tho)

If brands are willing to compensate high prices with equally good quality phones...then it can be justified. Otherwise, it`s always the customer who is gonna suffer.

Samsung changes their smartphones price like stock market. Everyday almost different price with card offers etc...

I think it`s 5g epoch which can fetch it back on trace

And thats what their(Chinese manufacturers) ultimate goal was(is).....But they might end up failing...


Should i go for lg wing or not?

Term Called "Honest Pricing" Became Joke Nowdays

Worse thing is there hasn`t been any official announcement from the brands about the price hike from what I`m aware of. Another unprofessional stuff.

Do you still think Redmi Note 10 Pro is not aggressive in price to hardware segment?

Yes sir ... 2018-19 was very good

When GST was 12%

RN10Pro still same price 6 64 for 15999 & still most VFM & aggressive !!!

did anyone notice, oneplus silently discountinued the base variant of nord ce... I feel like they waited for all the reviews to come out saying it starts from 23k. But in reality pricing started from 25k, like they bought the base varaint to sale once or twice.. strategy or scam?

Exactly but even before the pandemic they had a good excuse to hike prices even after launch : GST

Last year, they increased the GST slab from 12% to 18%. So, I guess, the products that were assembled after the revision, got shipped with 18% GST. That way, 2019 becomes the most lucrative year for smartphone pricing.

It`s amazing how everything was going fine and all of a sudden...kaboom price hikes.. Chipset shortage was highlighted months back and by this time instead of being resolved we are seeing price hikes, seems more like an opportunity to earn more now

Yes I agree at that time we got Redmi note 7pro at 9999/- that to I think s.amoled display

Well didn`t knew that. Thought only Xiaomi is increasing its prices but turns out all brands are doing it. But how will I know. The people I follow only talk about Xiaomi.

Rather than decreasing the prices as per current pandemic situation they are increasing will they think still people buy there mobiles

They`re indirectly helping apple to get new customers. Apple is costly but they don`t cheap things like these mid range brands. wake up and take over.

2018 and 2019! Phones like Poco F1, Asus Zenfone 5z and OnePlus 6T were available at 14K, 16K and 24K respectively.

i just need 11 views get 100 .pls Prices of budget phone are increasing because of this Prices are increasing because of the covid situation and also shortage of chips in International Markets.

May be due to Semiconductor Shortage and i am hoping that this would be the only reason Because if not.. then majority of India still doesnt carry smartphones.

Hey ranjit, can you recommend must have accessories for Mac air . My screen seem to catch too many fingerprints and the speaker grill is a dust magnet .

Prices will become aggressive again. Now, it due to chip shortages only.

Hi sir. I`m using Redmi Note 7 Pro. Only received 1 major Android upgrade i.e A10, bcoz it came with A9. No A11 for this Note7series. But, is giving A11 to Note8Series. They already 1 major Android upgrade just like Note7Series. Every Redmi note series received 2

please make a video on best phones under Rs10000 ie budget phones

I hope you believe him.

Tell me one genuine reason people need a new phone!

Yes, that Poco X2 and Realme 6 pro were the best value for money smartphones

I think the there is a huge delay in getting phones from chinese and other market due to vivid situations, here in UAE also pricing has changed.

I`m not sure but this might me due to silicon shortage.

It is the result of higher transportation cost due to increasing fuel price & higher import duties + 18% gst .....

Also atleast in the mid range segment Samsung is no longer any different from Chinese vendors with a lot premium in terms of pricing

Price increases but there is not a single mid range phone in India that offers good user experience, of course I am user of note20 ultra so used to the feature heavy Sammy`s but mid range phones sucks

Absolutely right.. Bang on!!!

Why Asus is out from Indian market in mid-range segment sir??? ....if they came back they can make a change in the market with no ads and no blotware....Asus needs to launch devices now ...

Look what xiaomi has done with their so called HONEST PRICING. Redmi note 10 (4/64) = 12000 Not available at the start and now they increased 500 Note 10 pro 64gb = 16k Not Available Only Note 10 (6/64), Pro(128), Max are available which provide them highest profit.

Isn`t that expected with Inflation over the years?

Earlier there was a need for them to sell. Now people gave them a Reason to sell. Needs became wants- sustainability they say.

That "etc" means a lot to some so called "tech youtubers"/fanboys. Otherwise we might get to see comments like "People only blame Xiaomi".

sir, are they doing this to chip shortage? Or, are they trying to maximize their profits?

Let`s just agree the last phone that was aggressively priced was poco f1

I don`t know but I think Redmi note 10 series is by far the 2nd most aggressive mid range series in India just after Poco F1 I guess..

Gst + all time high import duties, and Some shortages of Chips and some other parts all are affecting the pricing mostly. Government must step in and Reduce some gst and Import duties so that companies dont kick out indian workers in their Indian manufacturing units to save costs

And frauds and scams are increasing rapidly because of lack of software optimization and these things because most of the people are unaware of technology things...

Exactly And there was competition at that time between Realme and Redmi, may be because of lack of competition also there is not competitive pricing But now it`s Redmi all the way

Even in premium devices such as S20 Ultra,there`s so much bloatware but no option to uninstall them.Even I cannot uninstall Netflix.

My guess is this is all due to shortage of material especially chips because of covid situation. Should be back to normal prices once we are done with pandemic.

Actually samsung didn`t increased prices because on samsung website prices are same as launch price only flipkart increased those prices

xiaomi phones are solid value , but their MiUi is a hit/miss . Samsung turns into scamsung when they enter the midrange phone market .

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