If you`re looking for a smartwatch/fitness tracker for 5k,

April 11, 2022, 2:44 pm
If you`re looking for a smartwatch/fitness tracker for 5k,
If you`re looking for a smartwatch/fitness tracker for 5k, get this. I`m using the og Amazfit GTS 2 Mini & this is the same thing for less money.

But i brought the redmi smart band pro 11 days ago

Tell me is it worth deal? I want a good smartwatch, but i have 0 knowledge about them , should I wait for BBD? Or any better watch?

For me i dont want to have a watch that i need to worry about all the time i want one that i can just throw if im angry and not worry about it I just use my watch for working out and than i put it back from where i picked it up

Annane vishwasicha njn ith eduthe....i mean it`s good right...like the battery life esp

Great, but if you ask me, I don`t think this can replace our daily usage regular watch, i got the galaxy watch 4 it was amazing and all but i got back to my g shock once i realize its not as convenient as a regular watch

Anno...thenks ketto...its an amazing deal at 5k....its nearly 8k in the middle east Bro, u got me confused, anyways prior to this the price was 6999 so u got it for 6k it`s still good

Wasnt quite sure about the old model but still, this sounds very appealing

5999 was added by amazon by mistake from server, so u still have time to cancel and order for 4999/4799

I see, it`s on you, if u wanna save the money then cancel it, amazon and amazfit both admitted that this price was server mistake,

7k,btw did u cancel? Check amazfit website snd order by using code WELCOME, i got it for 4799 which seems insane because even some noise watches costs more than that while being worse

Amazfit website for 4799 bro lmao

Getting it at 5k This is one hell of a deal for 6k!

There`s no card offers or coupons even..

Sir it`s 6K sir

Disclaimer : I can`t seem to find it for 5k, but rather it`s showing 6k, which what I paid for my unit. If you get it pls let me know how.

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