July 13, 2022, 12:02 am
Imagine. . . It`s 2022 and you still think it`s funny to make fun of people for not having an iPhone.

But green bubbles. POVERTY.

I`ve started to fight back, these girls are using apple maps, absolutely shameful

I`m an Android consumer. Regardless, it`s still a computer device. I don`t get the materialistic value in either one as they both serve their purpose.

I make fun of phone users because they support capitalism.

iphone people are high key the worst tech people

I find it so funny when android users use the bullying tactics that Apple users used like 5 years ago but keep accusing Apple users of doing today. We literally dont care what you use, Bob. Stop trying to revive a war that stopped ~5 years ago

Never went back to iPhone once I got my first Pixel.

They arent even the tea. Im switching end of this year.

People still have iPhones? How embarrassing lol

One of my first ever phones was a Samsung s5 and I cant lie I miss it now :((

The Pixel is sooo good

who would want to own a iphone o.o

hush it twitter for android

girl YES , them pixelated droids needs GO .

I almost had to go into witness protection for having an android this year

americans are so weird

Still hate texting people who use Android.

I mean the library thing was already bad enough but finding out my favorite Drag Queen is also an Android user. My world is upside down.

APPLE IS THE DEVIL! Theyre all devils!! These corporations have gotten regular people to do their marketing for them FOR FREE! I have all Apple products but I praise people who dont b/c we dont need to encourage monopolies they get enough from the repubs already!

Making fun of people that don`t have them is there a requirement of being in the cult

Yes, drag for the iPhone simping

This one seems personal, Bob And vice versa. Theres literally war in the world

its not funny its just right

When we all know that the right thing to do is make fun of people who do have an iPhone. Android supremacy!

I really like my Google phone. It`s like three years old. Battery life is still good and can last me the day and the pictures still look great. My coworkers keep trying to pressure me into an iphone but why spend the money? all i hear is twitter for android bye

Its not that deep I mean I had two Samsungs and they were the worst phones I ever owned and never had a problem with my iPhones.

exactly some people are poor like me

twitter for android

This! I have both and prefer my android. I feel like iPhone users who do this probably don`t have much else going on for them. Like, this is their ONE prized possession and confirmation of their status in the world. Girl bye

Twitter for Android

responding with and how long have you been riding apples dick??>>>

Wow the amount of ppl that fell right into the point yikes Remember Android has a better camera

Welcome to capitalism - where the need for wanting more and better and "fancy" creates a system where there`s a "better" and thus people shame each other for it.

My pixel 2xl is still going strong after almost 5 years.

I absolutely hate iPhones... There. I said it.

imagineits 2022 and you still dont have an iPhone!

Word, most people cant even buy them mfs out right and have to put it in payment plans but still have the nerve to try and mock someone.

I got a droid a few years back at coworkers at work who never spoke to came over to my desk to mock and belittle me for it. Had to be like, um hello Alex this is the most weve ever spoken

Dis bish lol Twitter for Android moment

Youre not gonna let this one go

Iphone users are as special as "breakfast tacos"...

Youre really bothered by this lol

It`s because poor people can only afford the lesser technologically advanced iPhones.

Lol it is still funny my relationship is harder because he won`t conform to the apple

People dont have iPhones, I thought that was a myth

Are you STILL on that? whats wrong with that? Lol

Twitter for Android

Were trying to help bob!

Oh, so you`re one of those iPhone users Are you sending tweets from your DS again??? Girl, we can start you a go fund me.

I was this close to agreeing then I saw you were an android user.

I will not make fun of you, but I will do a deep heavy sigh because it messes up the friend text group. What kind of late stage capitalism comedy is this?

I`ve always been an Android person, but I was willing to give Apple a shot with their tablets... until I tried to buy one. Most convoluted process ever for a product that doesn`t allow for memory expansion. I got a Samsung tablet and have 0 regrets

But it is fun though

I never understood the whole debate of androids and iPhones. Who the F cares? Its a phone.

that ended when actually got an iPhone!!!

was right, you bring this up and make it a topic of conversation

I`ll never have one

Do they still make iPhones?

seeing a whole lotta broke ppl tryna cope lol I never understood it. No set up, no punch line, just green bubbles. I`ve told people to their faces I didn`t have patience for them to grow up over me having an android

I`m poor and I`m living in a 3rd world country, So I`m fully happy with my Poco f3.

Just like everything with iPhone, outdated.

imagine..its 2022 and you still dont have an iPhone

Now I feel like I can never get an iPhone out of spite. And because I like good technology.

The true Queen for the people, it`s the truth, the only thing better on IOS Is the app optimization and how the camera Is used in them, android Being so open makes It difficult idk Still better than charge your phone twice a day or buying that charger case, iPhone batteries suck

In latin america is the opposite but I really think it`s actually fair in this case

Still don`t get this. Android is what iPhone steals its features from.

kkkk twitter for android

Its a preference. People are too anal about things. And not in a good way.

Just buy one. Be Blue, not Green.

We should be making fun of people for having a Blackberry.

Lmao I prefer shaming now it works better

the green bubble brigade is out yall

bob, give this topic UP! "You`re different? Ew, why don`t you give your money to the richest corporation on Earth like everyone else?"

Some of us just don`t like Apple products.

Twitter for broke

Monet getting on your last nerve?

Imagine not having an iPhone in 2022

I have an iphone and can confirm tht apple ppl r annoying and lowkey classist. Yall swear theyre just jokes but all the time ?? like damn take a break sheep

IMAGINE.. its 2022 and you STILL dont have an iPhone

bob, not twitter for android omg

is proof that the bullying works tho It`s giving classist

Not yall giving classist in this responses

Dont let Monet get to you

Human beings have this hard-coded need to compare themselves to others. Instead of learning to ignore this need, we decided to make it more of a psychopathic amusement.

These comments

Not twitter for Andro*d

It`s mostly people on family plans who`s parents still pay for their phones and believe iPhones are more expensive.

not u subtweeting all of season 14 girls for bullying Periodt Android born and raised

I didnt realize I was following an android user. I gotta unfollow now

Op... looks like someone still doesn`t have an iPhone!

Twitter for Android lmao

I`ve had iphones in the past and never liked them. I just recently got the LG wing and I love it. Iphones have been the same for years now.

Simmer down Google play! if yall wanna buy me an iphone, i dont mind

Especially since iPhones are vastly inferior yet overpriced products.

ew this is so cringe guilty

THANK YOU! Android user here too, I still deal with that shit with friends.

I`ve never had an iPhone. And I think I`m better for it.

"twitter for android"

that`s not fair Bob, since people who have android phones have been making fun of iOS users since the DAWN OF TIME... ... said Monet X Change, once

Well imagine still not using one

I get made fun of by Android users too. literally the most unattractive thing there is; would block immediately

The season 14 girls bullying Bosco into getting a IPhone

All these comments are sending me No one: People with Androids:

And what is in I phones?

Bob let it GO Drag her*! Ruin her*! End her* career! *Trixie Mattel

Omg if you want me to be better i absolutely will!!!!!

Bobina I feel like you been bringing this topic up A LOT and tbh... I ain`t hear no beef between the 2 within the last 2 years until the podcast bb the war is ovah! Scuse me I been using galaxy since I was 15 and I`m 26 now . Imma stick with what I loveeee

ok twitter for android

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