Imagine dating a guy who still uses Android

December 16, 2021, 12:54 am
Imagine dating a guy who still uses Android
Imagine dating a guy who still uses Android .

U wanted him to use evelop

Is it a spelling error... As for u it`s also Twitter for Android ... Omanyi mwasama nnyo man

Do you know that Samsung fold Z is an Android phone yet it`s more expensive than an iphone?

While tweeting from an android phone

Imagine dating a girl who uses iphonr 6

But having iphone with such mentality still is misuse of that product.

To be honest even some of the components in iPhones are made by Android manufacturers.

What`s wrong with android?

Leme jhus reserve my comment 10 January u are heading back for school

naye this virgin

Imagine dating a woman using itel phone

Is mapeesa Also Android

U r imagining....n u like it

Imagine Imagine dating a narrow minded girl like you who determines ones credibility basing on phones

I wish u ddnt shake dat table

like u hv never used it

My dear,the Android fellas are the leaders & tycoons in the country so trade carefully & watch well not to be hit by conmen who invest in latest versions of iPhone but with no asset investment. Hope u know that M7 uses android as his best plus Hamis.

Imagine dating a munyankole who pretends to be virgin

Think about your life

Ugly slay queens have started

well gat ma samsung s6 edge n i drive a subaru, i jst dnt care as long as i receive phone calls,, go gt ur iphones n drive benzes

If its Samsung, keep opening those legs. Its better than all iPhones with a button

You urself tweepin on Android en ur here tinyooooling.

Imagine marrying a girl who doesn`t know that lowkey people exists not because they are poor.

Tell them

u wanted insults maybe

Says a girl tweeting from an android

Twitter for android

That iphone was your BD gift so please

Worse still a button phone...

get a iPhone nd c how I dump u in de trush

Such statements usually come from girls that are not sweet

Think about your life Says someone who is using twitter for Android

It`s better than having a girlfriend who only eats lunch wn in a relationship buh wn single resources are scarce

Hehehe, so to you a Ugandan iPhone user is better than a CEO at Samsung? Or you think people who make Samsung Phones use iPhones?

With a young bro using IOS

you wonder who bewitched this innocent soul Every time he f**ks me and Ts rings I make sure I drop a tear out of my one eye

U want the phone or the man

I think you borrowed that word from a fellow chick

Hahah phone brands dont put food on the table

Old brooms know all the corners better

Yet you are an android user With those bags of this your rural-urban excitement, be sure to make a daily fool of yourself

But ue also use Android so who is dating ue

I use Android so what

By the way, some androids like sumsang fold Z` are way expensive than the latest iphone.. Incase u dint know

That`s the category of the stingy ones

Depends on the brand

What`s the use of an iPhone or Android in a relationship?

It`s his iPhone not yours, but imagine dating a munyankole virgin posting shit using an Android phone

Look at you

Dump him and date iphone

So your using a iPhone, Imagine your father dated your mother using a brick phone lol We shall heal

What the matter with Android

Even ladie a abalina android phones in bed work aba wambwa

It`s best feeling ever

You did tweet using an android phone and yooo yapping

Kasta you have an iphone

You mean Iphone doesn`t use data??? Mutijja

Says someone with an iphone6s kwonka mukama

Lemme choose peace

Eheee, and so

Problem is chics don`t know phones. Anyway quick tip: if you see a dude holding a foldable Android phone with the word Samsung on is more expensive than any iPhone your dude will be holding

Haha now wat are u using

Jst like ur Dad

Do u have a smart tv set or digital?

You avoid android, smart tv sets are powered by Android, it`s still their in your face. And FYI some androids cost more or equivalent to Apple products

We are contented

But wats wrong wiz Android wen it`s an expensive fone for about 600k bane

That`s why your a virgin

What has happened to your iphone nga it`s showing twitter for Android ?

Wat of Samsung phones

Yet ur using it

They jst give us stress only

Was about to abuse until I saw *Twitter for Android*

But u are using Android. Double standards

Whats wrong with Android

Even a babe with Android is not sweet in bed Stop shaking r/ships

Depends on the android btw

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