Imagine we d drop 10000 waxp into your wallet

February 8, 2022, 5:45 am
Imagine we d drop 10000 waxp into your wallet
Imagine we`d drop 10,000 $WAXP into your wallet & you can only spend it on ONE Play2Earn game. What game would that be?

Will let the trading volume on alcor speak for itself no doubt

It has to be love it !! Dpsb2.wam

Metasaurs RAWR!!! The soon-to-be kings of P2E

I`d put it into the upcoming game for RAWR! BuyMetasaurs RAWR metasaurs Of course!!! I can already feel the pull happening... RAWR BuyMetasaurs NFT Definitely HODL until new game comes out. I cant wait Can I trade it for Solana and then pick a game?

all day every day

waxonbinance 102695527 first deposit then I will show you

metasaurs or nothing! Cant wait for this game! BlueGang and buy every premium egg and land and take over

1000% straight into Metasaurs Rawr!!!!

without question! Cant wait!! buymetasaurs metasaurs RAWR Farmarsworld but you didn`t send me anything I know this.

Alien Worlds Time to Mine

I think you already know BuyMetasaurs Metasaurs RAWR Starship ofc! Its New, its exciting and it got a bright future!!

More. I need moar!! RAWR!! Metasaurs NFT MetasaurPunks Hodl until game launches and then spend it all haha Im loving what theyre building. metasaurs wax RAWR buymetasaurs Spending it on RAWR for sure!

Metasaurs BuyMetasaurs MetasaursPunks P2E Wax_io Coinbase mic drop!

the sleeping giant BuyMetasaurs Metasaurs RAWR BB or Blokchain Brawlers

Will spend all 10k waxp to Dope! I am gonna get an army of ninjas! And save a bit on wax resources ^^.

It would not be enough to win an auction in though I`m just gonna buy more packs in secondary.


Alienworlds - b1jfe.wam

100% StarShip NFT Game! Just think of those ships flying around with mythic components, and all the crystal planets I could claim! DeployStarShip

Goldman game is one of the best games on wax block chain

would love to hear some game development drops.

Definitely Starship lol is this even a question?

Way outta my price change! Or else i would!

Definitely farmersworld 3rnj2.wam

no questions don`t sleep on this one, can still get in early. Think farmers world with attentive devs that aren`t lost in bermuda

would be the go to

Id buy more properties in so that I can actually visit my assets!

That would be a Adventure, for sure in more than one game

Novopangea all the way!

That`s easy, it`d be Train of the Century. Of course we can say old and new games but is the only choice... rvxja.wam

Farmers world that game has been making me some solid waxp everyday or I can say every hour

definitely. They were the first project I started with in nfts but I can`t afford their best pieces anymore. Lost my job more than a year ago so can`t afford much. Taco would actually help me with a passive income

I agree with Anders, I would use it to buy another Alien Worlds land plot

Right now? or . Used to be a great fan of until the DAO fked it up by nerfing gnome rewards.

for sure. Set up some plots that help new players enter the game with some necessary resources and off they go!

Still missing a few

nuf said

Farmers World all the way!!!

I`d spend it all on Streetfighter cards. (oh no... wait. That project is dead already!)

any day of the week

inzg4.wam drop it and see;) not with only words need facts

I will buy all legendary AW tools

save it for future use in gon be lit!! RAWR! BuyMetasaurs Metasaurs RAWR Mos Def, I`d go heavy in it should be

Let`s go!! thanks

I could get a bunch of Brawler Packs & Gear packs

i will invest on splinterlands

I choose cause this is best game on mh5ic.wam still waiting

Gold mand is the place. Now drop 10k waxp on my wallet ( ). It is guszo.wam ( )

is one way road

It would be goldmand...almost no one mention this one just started few days ago...

to get all the packs from the future drop.

Currently It would be in Goldmand, I think it has a lot of room to grow yet.And the wallet to do so would be goliragaziev Lots of love.

Every wax would go into Starship

Ive been looking for a new game! Any recommendations??

the next axie infinity!

!! Would have loved an apartment!

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